Monday, July 29, 2013

If You Give a Girl Some New Chairs

Last week I had two new chairs delivered. It was sort of a big deal, and I like to stare at them.

I can't show you anything else in the front room because it's still a wreck but it's my next project! The entire point of this post is to illustrate how something as simple as a delivery of two chairs can set off a chain of events similar to what was described in the classic children's book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."

If you give a girl some new chairs, she'll probably realize that none of the other furniture in the front room works with them. So she'll probably drag her big chair and a half to the living room.

Once the chair and a half is in the living room, she'll quickly find that the entire room needs to be rearranged, and that the white sofa table doesn't fit anymore. So she'll probably ask for help to carry it to the basement play room.

After the table is in the basement, she will decide that the black dresser in the dining room needs to find a new home, too. So she'll move it to her bedroom (where it technically belongs) and marvel at the idea of filling it with clothes. 

Once the dresser is in the bedroom, there will be a big empty spot in the dining room! So she'll probably relocate some more furniture and go on an impromptu shopping trip for a mirror.

And after a day of rearranging, her husband will come home and wonder what on earth happened to his house... and he'll probably question why he gave a girl some new chairs to begin with.


  1. love.
    Everything about your place makes me happy. The Chevy tailgate(?) is incredible!

    1. Thanks, Amber! I'm always glad to hear from people who like the tailgate since my husband thinks it's totally embarrassing. ;)

    2. I *love* the Chevy tailgate! I know you've wanted that for a long long long time. ;)

    3. In a prominent place, I mean -- not in the kids 'n' dogs quarter. <3

  2. LMAO. I used to do that all the time. I keep telling The Man I'm going to have him help me rearrange our room. It's not been touched, so I think I'll have to tackle that myself.

    And yes, the tailgate is cool! I love the color on it, and it really draws your eye right up to that awesome ceiling of yours!

  3. Oh my heart.... I could stare at those chairs all day too. And I like this girl, would be prompted to rearrange, remove, restore, etc. It would be the beginning of a month log project. :)

  4. Love this! I'm exactly the same way. I made new curtains for my dining room, but then I needed the walls painted. Now I need a new runner and to switch out my switch plates (in the entire house come to think of it...) and my door knobs. One things always leads to another:)

  5. Loooooove those chairs. And your entire house. You just have impeccable taste.

    And that dining room ceiling and chevy sign has been swooning.


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