Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall Booties

You. Guys. I need some booties. 

I need high heeled ones to wear with skirts and tights. I need low ones to wear with skinny jeans and casual skirts.

To be fair, when I say "need," I actually mean "want intensely and single-mindedly."

Except... I sort of need them.

How can something with so ridiculous a name be so essential to my life? And how could I have held out this long, only to crumble in a fit of  Fall 2013 bootie-loving euphoria? It's like my unfulfilled baby hunger has finally manifested itself into something else: a shoe with a baby-sounding name. It may be misguided, but I like it.



  1. Cute line up! I love #8 the most!! Happy fall. Although it is a million degrees but I can't wait to wear boots when the heat lifts around here!

    House Envy

  2. Would solve my 'slightly too chubby calf' issue this fall ;-) I haven't worn a bootie since I was about 23 years old....everything comes around again, I should have hung on to them, ha ha!

  3. #3, #6, and #8. Especially #8! Goodness, that's a cute bootie. Too cute, in fact. I'm pretty sure it needs to take up residence at my house immediately. :)

  4. Target has a #3 knockoff... I have them and they are soooo cute!! :)


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