Monday, September 13, 2010

family in town

Mike's parents have been in town this past weekend for their yearly visit, and we're about to take them to the airport so they can fly home. They weren't able to stay very long this year, so we spent the time close to home. Hopefully we'll be able to see them more often in the future, the boys have such a great time when they are here.

Mike's birthday was Saturday and his dad's birthday was Sunday, so I made them compromise and share a birthday cake (because whose fridge would the two cakes be in after his parents flew back home? Mine, people. MY fridge. And that's not okay in my world.)

In true Anna fashion I didn't take a picture of the carrot cake I made before we gouged its pretty cream cheese frosting with candles and inhaled it.

Too bad there's not a real before photo. I'm pretty awesome at decorating cakes. If I remember correctly, it looked something like this exquisitely tasteful creation, minus the bride and groom:

These? Were decorated by someone else. Not me. And if someone told you otherwise, they were lying.

Someone's trying to ruin my rep.

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  1. Surely noone would accuse YOU of making those other cakes, or of using walnuts on the carrot cake to cover a lack of frosting! Heavens no!


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