Tuesday, September 14, 2010

for my bookworms

Take another look at those bunk beds I made... notice anything different?

Yes, they're unmade. Yes, every single piece of bedding is mismatched. Okay you're right, both of those things are different. (sheesh, cut me some slack, the kids just left for school!) What I'm trying to show you is this:

Book racks! These were from another plan from Knock Off Wood, and they were really quick and easy to put together. They were also really inexpensive to make -- waaaay cheaper than these. The hardest part was using the jig saw for the round cut on the sides, and I totally made my husband do that. I'm not sure why the miter saw doesn't bother me but a jig saw does?? I've got selective wussiness, I guess.

The plans didn't cover how to hang the shelves, so first me and my brilliant self decided to drill holes in the back that would allow me to hang the shelf on a couple screws -- and then I realized the shelf would be able to just slide straight off the screw heads. You can see why I didn't decide to study engineering in school, perhaps. In the end I decided to use those little silver hanger thingamajiggers that you hammer into the wood.

Pay no attention to the school-bus yellow paint -- momentary lapse of reason. I think the green is a fun color but not as obnoxious-hurt-your-brain-when-you-stare-at-it-like-those-ridiculous-racing-lights-at-Christmas-time-sorry-if-you-have-them-but-not-really. And I like to enjoy time in my house headache free, thank you very much. I think the color is a nice complement to the boys' homemade duvet covers, too.

Now you have to scroll back and make sure it matches, because I didn't take a picture of the duvet cover with the book rack. I think I'm something like 0 for 5 this morning, people. Can I go back to bed?

And yes, those dangly chains at the top of the last picture are from a ceiling fan. Yes, I know ceiling fans and bunk beds are a pretty big safety no-no. It's on my to do list, I swear. It's pretty hideous anyway. Behold:

I guess if you have to have a ceiling fan nearish a bunk bed it should definitely be of the T-rex variety with its wee baby fan blades.


  1. YES! Whatever you monkeyed with fixed the problem I was having - now I can read your blog and comment. No gray screen in sight. It's lovely.

    My only complaint: It's overly challenging to read small white type on a bright blue background.

    Love the bookrack idea!

  2. The gray is much easier on the eyes. :)

  3. That is the cutest freaking fan I have ever seen. I can't believe you made the beds! GJ! I've been asking hubby to help me build some of Ana's stuff FOR-EVAH and I think I'm just gonna have at it myself.

  4. You should try it! Not as hard as you'd think, just kind of like a puzzle. With sharp pointy tools. ;)

  5. Love what you have planned. And the ceiling fan? Dangerous maybe, but It think it'd be a totally cute rocket if you painted it.

  6. Those look so cute! I'm afraid of all saws--serious woosiness! New follower. :)

  7. Your bedroom is beautiful. The ceiling fan looked so strange.

  8. I like that ceiling fan. Could you please tell the model or name of that ceiling fan?

  9. They were additionally extremely reasonable to make - waaaay less expensive than these. The hardest part was utilizing the jigsaw for the round cut on the sides, and I completely influenced my significant other. Actually, I try to get custom assignment writing service but this website have some important books collection for the readers.


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