Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween costumes: Just about the only thing I can sew

Who here loves making Halloween costumes?

If you know anything about me (and my sewing machine induced night terrors) you might be surprised to know that when I typed that question just now, I couldn't help but hop up and down in my chair with my arm raised while saying, "ooh! me! memememe! I do, I do!"

For real.

Okay, not for real. But you can imagine what it would be like if I had been doing that, right? Hilarity.

I didn't always have this intense love for poorly constructed disguises...

(cue Halloweens-of-the-past slideshow)

Here's my oldest in 2006, with a (cutest ever) bat costume, courtesy of Old Navy.

Here he is again in 2007, as a monkey...also from Old Navy.

Okay so I hadn't actually made any of the costumes up to that point. I was just starting out slow, warming up for future design masterpieces.

You may be wondering: (but you're probably not since you most likely have no idea when my kids were born) where was my younger boy that year? Well, he was otherwise engaged.


The next year, in 2008, it really started happenin' for me:

Ohhh yeah, baby. Felt boot shoe-covers? Hand-cut felt skull and cross bones? Grommets with faux leather laces?? Multi-colored feather madness and slightly gonzo-esque parrot beak? Check, check, check, and CHECK.

This was almost certaily the pièce de résistance in my short costuming career.

Evidence? See 2009.

Yes, that's son #2 in #1's old bat costume. And yes, that's a pillowcase ghost costume. And yes, they look mildly miserable. In my defense, (1) I still made that ghost costume, (2) my oldest asked to be a ghost, and (3) I swear they weren't (too) miserable.

Whew. That was a WHOLE lot of cuteness in such a short period. I'm a bit light headed.

Now for 2010... I'm at it again.

Here's a sneak peak:

More information (and a super easy template for any last minute costume makers, I'm geeky like that!) coming tomorrow!


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