Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cabinet reveal (sort of) and very, very important poll

This past weekend I transformed (jazz hands for effect) a completely unfortunate looking thrift store lamp from this:

into a classy little number...

...with just a little spray paint and patience.

Scratch that, no patience -- I actually let it dry for 15 minutes, stuck a lightbulb in it, plopped the drum shade on top and let it finish drying on my new cabinet, where I could more easily admire its cuteness.

Speaking of that cabinet... remember the $10 thrift store radio cabinet?

I worked my magic on that too. Behold!

I didn't want to spend anything on the paint right now, so I got a bit creative with my leftovers and mixed four colors together. (Why mix two when you can mix four? It's like the tuna surprise of paints!)

The color is nice, but it's very light and I will most likely paint it a bit more 'robin egg' blue down the road sometime. (It's actually even lighter than it appears on camera -- not quite sure if it's the camera or my house's horrible lighting. Let's cross our fingers that it's my house's fault and I'll have a bluer cabinet once we have some recessed can lights installed)

I kept the great original hardware,

but unfortunately I also kept the gaping holes in the cabinet doors where melodious sounds from the radio used to waft through bright orange fabric nastiness. 

Waft. It's a good word. Even when it's referring to music drifting through something garish and horrifying...

...something like this!! (dun, dun, DUN!!!!)

But I digress. We've come to the "very, very important poll" part of the post.

Back to the gaping holes in my cabinet doors.

Here's the very, very important question:

Should I...
(1.) Put fabric panels in them?
(2.) Put 1/4" plywood in them, then caulk and paint and make it look like they were always solid doors?

My cabinet's fate lies in your hands. (Well not entirely, but I'd love to see what you think -- I'm a big fan of "research" before I make decisions, just ask my family. They looooooove my decision making skills.)

Update: Click here to see what I ended up doing with the cabinet...

PS. Who loves my new owl? Castoff from the sister, given new life with glossy white paint. Looooving it. Silly sister.

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  1. You could do one of a few other things too depending on your style(forgive me, I JUST found your blog and am already scrambling to read as much of it as I can so Im not even sure of your "style" yet:)). You could cut chicken wire and put that in the doors OR somewhere in blogland I read about someone buying one of those heavy rubber doormats, cutting it down and putting those pieces in the doors of a TV cabinet. It looked GORGEOUS and was a great alternative to small hands leaving handprints all the time on glass doors(which was what she had prior). Hope that helps!

  2. What about just putting some cute baskets in the openings?

  3. The lamp and cabinet look great! And I love that you gave that little owl a new (much cuter) life :)

    As for the hoels in the cabinets, I'm going to second Carey's comment and suggest baskets.

  4. I thought about baskets but I don't think the openings are the right size for the cute square ones, they're just a touch too small?? I don't want itty bitty baskets in a big giant hole ya know ;)

    I appreciate all the suggestions, you ladies are making me consider stuff I hadn't even thought of!

  5. I love the basket idea...but if the openings are too small, go with the fabric for sure!

    Love your blog...you're hilarious!

  6. Fabric but don't forget to put iron on interfacing on the back of the fabric. It will keep it from sagging (use heavy duty) my other ideas is instead of baskets why not find wooden salad bowls, spray paint them white or the same color as the lamp shade. Great place to throw leaves or rocks that your kids deem treasure worthy.

  7. What about some type of wire like chicken wire? You could paint it the same color as your tv cabinet. Or use that wire that is square {don't know what it is called} and paint it.

  8. Metal??? Distress it... punch it? Mirrors??? It will be fun to see what ya end up with! What about osnaburg???

  9. I DEFINITELY think fabric! Something that will go nicely with the lampshade on that super-cute refurbished lamp :)

  10. I vote for fabric...
    Or find someone fun to replace those panels with...
    I understand the dilenma! It looks great, by the way!

  11. Hmmmm.

    What about beadboard?

    I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  12. I'm liking the idea of fabric. Or beadboard. How big are the holes? If 12x12" or less, you could also decoupage in some fabulous patterned scrapbook paper.

  13. Fabric would be nice, so would chicken wire. you did a fabulous job on both pieces!


  15. Would it be possible to cut out the part that divides the two holes so you have one long verticle space that would be more suitable for baskets? Just an idea, great makeovers!

  16. Hi! This is my first time to visit your website.
    I'm not sure if you have one (I don't even), but if you had a cat, it would be a good place to hide a litter box. We are thinking of getting our kids a cat for Christmas but I hate the idea of the litterbox, so I would love a cabinet like that in my laundry room with a litter box hidden in the bottom.

  17. Amy, thanks for stopping by! I love the idea of the litter box in a cabinet -- there's actually a tutorial on how to do that, if you're interested: http://www.remodelaholic.com/2010/05/cat-astic-old-cabinet-transformed-guest.html

    And we DO have a cat. And her litterbox is safely squirreled away in my basement under the steps where I don't have to deal with it on a daily basis... but I LOVE the idea of "hiding" the litter box if it has to be out like that. :)

  18. Anna- OMG... that is even better than what I was picturing. So now scratch my idea on the litterbox in your cabnet and go with cute baskets or I also like the beadboard idea.
    Thank you for the idea for when we get a cat. We used to have an indoor cat before our kids came along and the litterbox was one of our least favorite parts of having a cat, but tucked into a cabinet like the one you linked to, the litterbox responsibility is not so daunting.

  19. You're welcome, happy to help! I loved that idea so much I bookmarked it months ago... good luck! :)

  20. I say distress it and use chicken wire on the bottom. That would be beautiful.

  21. Love the lamp and cabinet. I would maybe do beadboard or solid wood in the cabinets. Baskets would be cute too.

  22. Hi
    first visit to your blog! Your furniture caught my eye as I have paintied my armoire a similar color and do find it too light! I'm here from Frug.Friday. I say go with the chicken wire, but the more heavy duty wire. It comes in a grid pattern too.

    Good luck


  23. Super cute. B'bye garrish orange.
    I say hello big ole wicker baskets.

    First time to yer blogola. Love your humor...need more of us out there, IMO. :)

  24. Love this post and I love your writing! :) The cabinet and lamp look great - as does that darling owl. What was your sis thinking?? ;)
    For your cabinet I'd go with fabric - its easily changeable. But then I'm a fickle decorator and need to change things often.
    Glad I stopped by! Found you at Tatertots & Jello!

  25. stopped by from Just a Girl. I think it turned out great! I did a desk in blue. Seems to be the color right now! I think it would be fun to see some fabric in there. Give it a little personality.

  26. I just love your cabinet! And there are so many things you could do with it...you could put chicken wire on it...but you could also leave it open and put shelves on the bottom with cute dishes and baskets...you could even do fabric WITH chicken wire. :) But I love what you have done with it so far!

    Oh, and I also think your lamp turned out great! :)

    {Beautiful Nest}

  27. Love the cabinet! And i actually like the color too! I don't think its too light. Looks great with your lamp. As for the holes......what about burlap? Thats what I'd do but I burlap anything I can get my hands on! lol

  28. I'm loving the cabinet. My vote is either Chicken wire or beadboard. I know I didn't pick either of your choices, but it would look so fun with either one of these. I'm a big fan of texture. Good luck and whatever you choose make sure to post pics of the finished cabinet. I can't wait to see it.

  29. Love the lamp makeover. A big improvement over what it used to look like. The cabinet is also great. I vote for bead board.

    I hope you can stop by my blog and share your project with my followers. I am having my Show Off Sunday Party. http://houseofthriftydecor.blogspot.com/2010/10/show-off-sunday-party_24.html

  30. my vote goes to the chicken wire. so i guess it's like a write-in ballot since it wasn't in the original running.

  31. Love the color and hardware. I say, baskets. Think it would give it personality.
    Thanks for sharing!

  32. The lamp and cabinet look wonderful. Great job on revitalizing both of them. As far as the poll goes, I would do the solid option over fabric just for durability sake, but I have another suggestion if you're willing to hear it.
    Have you considered aluminum screening? Left in its aluminum finish it could look industrial, or painted it could be anything you want. Or for a more country look there's chicken wire. Just a thought. I think it will look great no matter what you do. I look forward to your final reveal. Best wishes.

  33. Just found your site and this is an old post...I was thinking that metal stuff that they use in front of radiators? It's kinda like a metal screen like thing...it's decorative and not see through so you could "hide" stuff behind it...now to find out if you've finally decided on anything yet....


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