Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Little Light

Wow, I got more comments on my post yesterday than I have in a long time -- maybe y'all like shoes as much as I do. It seems like most of us agree about going with a fun cardigan that doesn't necessarily fit in with the wedding colors, since it is for the reception. And since I am having a love affair with navy right now but haven't used it in my decor, I might as well wear it so I can get my navy fix.

As for the shoes, I'll look around and maybe pop back in with another post for some more of your opinions. I have plenty of heels that would work, I just really don't want to ruin them in a field. So stay tuned! Assuming, of course, that the dress color even works and I don't end up looking like a giant canary (it's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow). Oy. I like to do things backwards, don't I?

For today though, I just wanted to share a little rearranging project I did over the weekend. My aqua lamps have been living on the black dresser in my dining room for a while, and on a whim I decided to move them over to the sofa table in my living room instead.

Why did I move the lamps? For a few reasons: (1) I really do like to move stuff around randomly, (2) my dining room has plenty of natural light whereas the living room is a much darker space, and (3) my poor sofa table is still not decorated and needed a little love.

Notice all the empty shelves on top? Sadness. This table has made me realize just how few decorative objects I have that are shallow. I need to go buy some pretty file boxes or something, maybe. I did find a lovely lacquered box but it was the exact color of the lamps so I passed.

When you're not a garage sale/thrift store addict I guess sometimes you just have to be patient. Bah.

Are you wondering how the black dresser is faring now that it is lampless? Well, it's hanging in there...

It's even dressed up with nowhere to go while it waits for the Mario party this Saturday.


  1. I'm still in love with the sofa table you made. I'm not quite brave enough to try it myself yet (plus it won't fit in my teensy apartment). But the lamps look great!

  2. Wow, I LOVE this sofa table project!! Thanks so much for sharing it with those of us who LOVE our power tools!


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