Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Life, My Colors

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it's time to start picking colors? There are literally so. many. colors. I remember several years ago being paralyzed by my fear that I'd mess up... I was so afraid I wouldn't finish right, I couldn't start! Silliness, I tell you. 
Then I finally realized that you can't really mess up, even if the paint color on your walls that you applied during a pregnancy hormone-induced fit of bad decision making only served to help you further refine your tastes in colors and styles, right?

Decor is fixable, so stop stressing out. It also evolves and changes, just like you. The key is to find out what makes you tick; not just what you think is pretty (because there's a bajillion beautifully decorated rooms online and in the pages of magazines that we all subscribe to), but what makes your heart happy and your soul feel at home. That's going to be different for every single one of us, no matter how much we all like the 175,000 DIY chevron {rug, wall, pillow} projects out there.

Take me for instance: I like to be inspired by nature. I love weathered wood in beautiful silvery gray-browns, blue-greens of sea glass, yellow-greens of new spring plants, and warm golden yellows. I like to use those colors in my home, and I'm drawn to them a lot.

I also know that I love bright colors when surrounded and offset by a lot of crisp white moulding or calm, neutral walls. I also like chevron in small unexpected doses, so please no knickers in a twist - I just like to pick on that poor pattern because it seems to pop up everywhere lately!

The problem is, sometimes we don't know where to start. We're so confused by everything we've seen online and in magazines or catalogs that we need a litle help figuring out the difference between the rooms and styles we admire and the rooms we would actually live in happily.

Glidden has introduced a site called My Colortopia that is geared toward just that -- finding out who you are in color! In addition to helpful posts written by some of our favorite home bloggers and an advice column, the site also features a couple tools to help you in your decorating quest.

Today I want to share the "My Life My Colors" quiz -- simply answer a few questions about your (fabulous) self and see some colors pop up that may just be what you were searching for: a fabulous jumping off place. You can find this quiz on the My Colortopia site or right here ('cause I'm magic like that).

Go ahead, I dare you! It's like perfumes, I promise -- just because it smells good doesn't mean you want to wear it. So take the quiz, stay true to yourself and make sure your home avoids being a decor version of your best friend's perfume that doesn't smell as good on you as it does on her when you borrow it on the sly for a hot date. Or something like that. It sounded better in my head. Most things do.

Disclaimer: I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post, but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. That was fun! Now you must come help me paint my bathrooms. <3


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