Monday, April 2, 2012

Refinished Floors

Well, we're all back in the house and slowly moving furniture and doodads out of the living room. On Saturday we got beds back into their rooms, but now I've lost steam and I'm contemplating the possibility of turning my living room into a full-time storage unit. Just... can't... motivate... myself...

I wanted to share some "after" photos of the floors in the meantime, though... I do like them, and I'm glad we didn't go with a darker, more solid stain that would have hidden some of the character... but I can't get over how different the floors look depending on the lighting. Sometimes it looks like the sample stain I chose, and sometimes it looks a lot more red... which isn't really what I was going for. But it is red oak, after all... I'm quite happy overall and think they look 10,000 times better than they did!

Dining room, before:

Dining room, after:

Front room, before:

Front room, after (from a different angle, sorry):

Master bedroom, before:

Master bedroom, after:

Now we enter the new-car phase of our floors, where my eye twitches whenever anyone drops something onto them, even a lego from 12 inches. At least we know that phase never lasts, right?


  1. I love them! They definitely look 10,000 times better!

  2. They're lovely! We just built a house (last June) and I still cringe everytime the floor gets more "character". It's hard, but we built this house to live in it not have a museum...

  3. Your floors are beautiful. I am so jealous. Enjoy them.

  4. I don't have kids so that delays the process, but it has been 3.5 years since I had my floors refinished and I still cringe. It doesn't help that 90% of the character has been caused by someone else and I live alone.

  5. Did you do the ceiling in the dining room?????? I can't tell in the pictures...

  6. They are BeautifuL!!!

  7. Wow, they look amazing! I love that the character is so visible -- absolutely beautiful!

  8. The floors look beautiful! So rich.

  9. Gorgeous! When we refinished our floors, we didn't stain them darker and I wish we would have. Yours are gorgeous!


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