Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Spring Break

Last week my two little boys and I visited my parents while we escaped the floor refinishing process, and we all had fun relaxing on our spring break semi-staycation. We played outside, ate lots of ice cream, watched a movie in our jammies, had my dad's special sourdough pancakes (my favorite!) and helped my mom move out of her office at Utah State (she's semi-retired, now working as an adjunct professor and her entire department is being moved to a new building).

 It's important to note that by "helped," I mean that I went up on campus with her once or twice, sifted through memos from 1992 and old textbooks while saying things like, "I can't believe you're moving!" and lamenting the loss of the Aggie ice cream shop in her building that had cruelly morphed into a TV studio in the time since I had left the on-campus elementary school I attended eons ago. You know, doing my melodramatic best at distracting her... it's sort of my thing.

(phone picture, sorry!)

I also was a guest speaker about blogging in her class. HA. Who else is laughing? I was actually flattered by my mom's faith in me, that I wouldn't mess up catastrophically or that I knew enough about anything to be useful to her students. She's a pretty savvy social media, writing, & photographing smartie herself.

The experience was a little surreal though, since whenever I was on campus I kept thinking about how much older I was than most the students, even though I didn't feel any older... and I'm sure I don't look a day over 18... right? ;) Ignore the errant parenthood-induced grey hairs and my changing skin. Not to mention my birthday is this month and I've just decided that I don't want to talk about it anymore. Sniff.

My kiddos also got to visit my old elementary school (which was rebuilt into a fancy new building, more nostalgic sadness!) and meet my 1st grade teacher, who had to be approximately 12 years old when she taught me back in the day.

They were, as you can probably tell by that photo, well behaved angels who bore absolutely no resemblance to the character Calvin. None whatsoever.

My parents also made my very, very favorite salmon recipe ever... because they love and adore me, and I asked if they would.

I'll be sharing it tomorrow!

The trip was a nice little break, but now I'm busy getting back into a routine and pretending that piles of pillows, doodads and curtains aren't still occupying my living room. That room is bananas, and I'm officially past the point where I care or where I will answer my front door in case it's a drop in friend...I'm living in fear of visitors right now.

 Moving my house into the living room for the floor guys used up all my productivity juice, and I think it might be a little while before my new storage locker gets completely emptied. Decor disaster of epic proportions, people. Save me from myself.


  1. Cool! I went to USU and always thought it would be cool if my kids could go to that school. Alas, we moved away to Texas when my first baby was 3 months. That's neat you got to go there!

  2. Dude. On behalf of Brenda and myself, we feel totally dissed. Not even a drive-by mention of the wonderful hour you spent singing Vivaldi and what a patient director I happen to be?

    1. Haha :) So very sorry to have offended oh never-nitpicky director sister of mine ;)

      p.s. patient? I don't think that's in either of our genes... but funny joke!


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