Thursday, February 16, 2012

{Lovelies} 02.16.2012

Valentine's Day is behind us for another year, but now Mike and I are staring down our upcoming anniversary -- we'll have been legally wed lovebirds for 7 years at the end of this month. He's pretty cute, so I think I'll keep him.

These are just some things I'm loving right now and want to call my precious. I figure a list like this is the least I can do for my poor man (since my birthday's coming up soon in April too, and then Mother's Day in May... poor man doesn't stand a chance each year around this time. It. just. keeps. coming. at. him.)

Maybe you'll love some of them too!

west elm's Modernist Bowls

Seychelles Good Intentions sandals
 (reminds me a little of the Saltwater sandals of my youth... only a grown up version!)

 Tiny anchor necklace by Anne Kiel Jewelry

 Spring can't come soon enough for me!

(The birdies that live year-round in the high ceiling of my local Lowe's store are a-tweetin' while they fly around the inappropriately timed patio furniture display... that must mean something. Right? Right?)

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