Monday, March 5, 2012

Boys' Room {Details & Sources}

All right, now that we've gotten the big reveal over with it's time to share the boys' room details, as promised...

I've been so floored by the response to this room; of course I think it's pretty fabulous, but it's so exciting to see that a lot of you do too! Warm fuzzies abounding; hearts and daffodils and lace doily-covered puppies, y'all.

First up, the nook art details:

Clockwise from top:
  • Oakland A's pennant from the awesome 80's - via ebay
  • Octopus (actually cuttle fish, blah blah blah) graphic I made from this free image from The Graphics Fairy. Aidan loves
  • Paper Mache "S" from JoAnn with a spray paint treatment to look like galvanized metal
  • 8x10 canvas with dimensional stickers - it's the Cub Scout motto, y'all! Originally I was planning on spraying it all white, but I sort of like the splash of brown. Even though they're glitter stickers. Shhhhh. 
  • Airplane photo because Wesley loves planes. I can't remember where I found it, and it's not super high res or anything... but you can't tell unless you're up there licking the glass. And if you are, we've got bigger problems on our hands.
  • 50-cent metal house number from my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. No special meaning there, guys. Just a 3.
  • 1963 rusty Idaho license plate (we live there, ya know) - via ebay

And here's the other side of the art-filled corner:

    Clockwise from top:
    • Map of the beautiful Salt Lake Valley, where both of the boys were born (the younger on the first day a new giant hospital was accepting patients... talk about chaos city). Oh, and where we still have a house. Want to move there? Anyone? ...Bueller?
    • Black and white vintage graphic of a compass (my boys are into camping and scouting right now) also from The Graphics Fairy 
    • Piece of old wood siding left over from my barnwood "art" project -- another random addition. It's outdoorsy. Maybe. Sort of?
    • Airplane blueprint I found online somewhere.
    • Bicycle graphic I made using regular ole Microsoft clipart. My boys sure love their bikes, you know.
    • Plastic house number I also found at the ReStore, also for 50-cents. Spray painted this number green. Just 'cause. Again, just a number, no special significance!
    Second, the wire magazine rack I found at TJ Maxx for $12.99 several weeks ago and seriously wish I had bought two of... love. It gets its own detail section simply because I secretly want to steal it from their room. Those numbers, by the way, are my boys' birth weights (5 lb 15 oz and 7 lb 3 oz). Aww, I know. I'm too cute, right?  

    And last, someone asked how I managed the boys' clothes. Last year I got rid of their wimpy set of plastic drawers and built them a custom closet that came in at right around $80. Best thing ever, no joke.

    Each boy has a closet rod for their shirts, 3 bins (socks, underwear, and pajamas), and a large shelf for pants and shorts. Shoes go on the floor and the third closet rod is for coats and things like that. There's room for all their games, and as you can see the majority of the long shelf above the rods is still empty. What you can't see in the photo is the long 12-inch deep shelf (the rest of the closet shelving is 16-inches deep) above the door opening that houses sleeping bags and stuff like that - love that sneaky little storage increaser. Hop over to the closet post to see more photos.

    So there you have it -- a few of the requested details. For even more (sources, links to projects and products) please see the massive list below. And if I've forgotten something (which is totally possible) that you're curious about, please feel free to comment and I'll do my best to get the list updated.

    Update:  I get a lot of questions about the bed paint color, and I feel terrible that I don't remember it... but here's a photograph of the paint label if you want to have your friendly neighborhood paint people mix it up for you!

    Wall paint: custom mix - label photograph here
    Bunkbeds: Made from these plans at -- and then she named them after this blog! WOW! Paint color can be found here.
    Book racks: built from these plans at, painted RustOleum Fern
    Closet: DIY project, fabric bins from Walmart clearance, doors painted with RustOleum chalkboard spray paint, hardware from Home Depot
    Duvet Covers: DIY project using Target Room Essentials duvet set
    Pillow fabrics: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Armchair: thrifted, legs from wholesale_upholstery_supplies ebay store
    White shelves: IKEA EXPEDIT
    Oversized map: Wayfair
    Fiber baskets: IKEA KNIPSA baskets
    Wire wall rack: TJ Maxx
    Striped curtains: DIY project
    Curtain rods: DIY project using 1/2" galvanized pipes, 90° elbows  & street flanges
    Faux Bamboo Shade mini blind covers: clearance chenille fabric from JoAnn
    Overhead light pendant: DIY project using pendant from Home Depot
    Cage mini pendant: DIY project + IKEA HEMMA cord kit
    Bunk wall lights: IKEA KRĂ„MARE spotlights
    Green table lamp: Target clearance
    Floating desk: DIY project
    Drafting stool: Walmart
    Outdoor rug: Home Fabrics & Rugs clearance
    Faux metal arrow: DIY project
    Letter hooks: Michaels
    Wall frames: IKEA RIBBA frames
    Whale print: United Thread
    Wooden buoy: TJ Maxx


    1. Seriously impressed!! Where do you find your frames?

    2. Love, love, love! I've just painted my kiddo's room, and now you've given me some lovely ideas (to steal, tee hee!). Hope your boys love the room as much as we do.

    3. To answer your question awhile ago--my hubby grew up in Lewiston, UT. It's very close to Preston. We lived in Cove our first few months of marriage. Not sure if any of those places are familiar to you :). So you still own a house in SLC? We had one we couldn't sell in Texas. It's been rented the last 4 years since we left there and we are attempting to sell again. Hoping the market has improved *crosses fingers*...

    4. Thank you so much for the closet details! Now I have 2 projects to keep me busy this summer (maybe 3 if I want to tackle the girls closet...)

    5. Very nice! I love all the art.

    6. This room is super adorable!! I would love more information on the gray/white striped drapes. Is this a DIY creation?? Or, were you able to purchase them somewhere? I planning to put drapes exactly like this in my son's room. I have a king sized gray sheet sitting here waiting to be cut up into strips so I can sew a set of drapes.....but if there is an easier way, I would love to know!!

    7. Thanks Shauna :) I painted these, they actually started out life as $5 white twin sheets from Walmart:

    8. Adorable. We are in the planning stages of a redo in the boys room. Lots of awesome ideas. What is the beautiful blue/grey color you painted the bed? THANKS!

    9. Hey Grace, I'm actually trying to track down the color... I'll do my best to find out this week :)

      1. Hi Anna, did you by chance find the color you painted the bunk beds? We are building the same ones for our boys this weekend, and love the color you used! Thanks!

    10. Anna - trying to figure out a way to decorate my sons' walls - love the map - did you order it laminated and did you make the frame??

      1. Sorry it took me so crazy long to reply! Yikes, I must have misplaced this. I didn't order the laminated version, and yes I made the frame :)

    11. LOVE that books rack!! Definitely need one too! Visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick party :)

    12. I love this room! I have two boys who share a room and I adore the fact that you took little things that each boy likes and intertwined them- I hope to have a project as fabulous as yours when completed!

    13. Popping over from YHL! I love every part of this room and would love to see details on your DIY desk. Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. Thanks! You can see a brief run down on how the desk came to be here:

    14. Maybe Im overlooking, but where are the curtains from? I've been looking for something like this for our living room!

      1. They're DIY, here's the link:

    15. Found you via YHL, too. :) I wondered what the dimensions are of you boys' room. Our little ranch has little rooms and little closets, but this room has me inspired. Wanted to compare square footage and see what might be possible in my daughter's room! Thanks.

    16. I love the room, especially all the DIY. Do you have a final cost for the room? After reading all the stuff you DIYed, it seems like you did it on a reasonable budget. It's wonderful!

    17. Where did you get that giant map? I love it!

    18. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of the room you made over as well as the dimensions of the closet? Thanks...Very inspiring.

    19. How about the source for the light fixture?

    20. Wondering what font you used to type the boys birth weights for the wire book rack? Thanks, love the room!

    21. I Love this room and am redoing my boys' room as well. I love the desk idea at the end of the bunk bed, I to will have an area about this same size at the end of the bunk bed and this is a great way to utilize that dead space. Now, where did you get that awesome desk chair??? Love it too!!!

    22. What color did you use for the bunk beds?

    23. love it! can you fix the link to fabric 4? i goes straight to the homepage

      trying to decide if I am brave and capable of doing a closet project like your sons' room :)

    24. I love the world map. Did you just create your own frame around it once it the map was on the wall? Just curious how you did this. Thanks!!


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    (P.S. URAQT)

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