Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Floor Sneak Peek

Here I am, helplessly stuck a couple hours away from my house, and I had to wait until this morning for Mike to sent me a photo of the stained floors because he can't reach the light switch and so the rooms were all dark when he got home from work yesterday... boo.

And now that I've seen a photo, I can't decide what I think. They look lighter than the sample I think. I'm not sure if it's the light or Mike's phone's camera, or if I'm going insane. I am officially reserving judgement.

(imagine the dining room above with white trim...)

And here's the sample:

Today's photos were taken at 8:00 on a west facing window with no lights... and the sample was midday with lights on. Someone hold me and tell me it's all going to okay?

What do you think??


  1. (hug) its gonna be alright. I really hard to tell in the light if it is lighter or not but I think they are going to look great either way. It looks to me like perhaps not all parts of the floor are going to be as dark as the sample but some look like they will. I have faith that they are going to be gorgeous either way. Besides once the clear coat is on (which I am assuming it is not) it will look much richer and bring forth the colour better making it apear darker.

  2. Let it dry and take a deep breath. It will be alright like Erin said.. I think it looks great. But, I also know you very, very well so breathe

  3. it'll be fine and you'll LOVE it! you'll be surprised at the difference between before and after. I've gone through it, been there. Love my "old" hardwoods now!

  4. I think it's a combination of 1: the lighting being very dark, 2: are they completely finished staining? If it's only one coat, it will look a lot different, and 3: the polyurethane isn't on it yet (right?)

    Either way, it still looks really good. :)

    We have the orange-y stained floors in our house (complete with matching doors!). We've learned to love them (for now) but at some point over the years we may change it up... who knows.

  5. I like them. Not too dark... not too light.

  6. Looks like a color we would love!

  7. When we built our house we chose our brick, shingles and stucco on a rainy day. We took the samples outside to look at them. When the house was done I was sad that the colors were not the same. One day months later I had been out running errands in the rain. As I drove up the street toward our home, I looked up and said, "That's it!" "That is what I chose." I am guessing you might have a similar light day and your color memory will be happy with the match. Just a guess. :o)

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