Monday, February 27, 2012

Love & Farming--er, Marriage...

Happy Anniversary to meeee (and Mike). Today we've been married for 7 years, and although we've had our ups and downs like any couple, if I could go back in time I would do it all over again. He's kind, loving, smart and funny, an amazing father to our two boys and {secretly} as big a dork as I am. I say secretly because he's usually unwilling to act a fool with me in the aisles of grocery stores, but I know that he can dish out the weird. And he's put up with my brand of crazy for the last decade. That's love, y'all. Plus I really like his tush. 

 We're celebrating by not having our wood floors refinished this week and by taking care of sad kiddos with stomach bugs (so. so. tired.). Oh, and by making impulse purchases of farm animals.

Because that's totally normal anniversary behavior, right? Meet Woodpecker, Cheeto, and Lumpy, our new Rhode Island Reds. Right now they're inside but when they get a little older we'll be moving them outside to a little coop (that we still have to build. Watch for that exciting update sometime soon...ish.) where can start laying eggs and doing chicken things.

It's like I've been possessed and I'm turning into my father.

My dad (whom I love and adore) grew up on a farm in southern Idaho -- pretty close to the town where the film "Napoleon Dynamite" is set, but with 200 chickens and other assorted farm animals large and small, and without the fancy tater tot casseroles or indoor plumbing. Conversely, I grew up in northern Utah 40 years later, where I swore I'd never, ever farm or milk cows or pee outside.

Fast forward to 2012; I live in Idaho and my husband and I have chickens. It's like I hit a certain age and some genetic time bomb went off inside me. If I start wearing calico or churning butter (or, heaven forbid, peeing outside) please call someone.

P.S. Yes, it's legal. We checked!


  1. Missy we must talk, I grew up (during the summers) in southern Idaho near the place ND was filmed. :) the stories and the boringness that led to superb adventures... let me ask you one question? At your grandparents house when you were a child did you run amuck in irrigation water?

  2. SADLY, I did not. By the time I came along they had sold their ranch up somewhere (where my dad would spend summers) as well as their land around their home I think? So they had a house and an old barn and some horses or cows or something in their backyard... and my siblings were a lot older than I was so they got to do more fun farmy adventurey things, but my grandparents were a lot older by the time I came along... so I remember staring suspiciously at a cow but that's about it -- still never been on a horse! Eep, sounds scary! :)

  3. I don't know if I've commented here yet, but I LOVE your blog. My hubby is from Northern Utah, although we live in the midwest now. By chance have you watched any episodes of the fox animated Napoleon Dynamite yet? Maybe I was just in one of those moods last night, but it was seriously killing me! So many little funny details about the "culture" of that area. I love watching your house remodel stuff on this blog. We are remodeling a foreclosure we moved in's an adventure!


  4. Ummm.... your chickens are IN your house?? I seem to remember getting completely castigated for letting Ruthie have a chicken in her room.

  5. Happy Anniversary and congrats on the chickens! Our entire neighborhood has chickens (except us) and i'm trying to talk cor into them. i've even found a cute diy coop on AND if you go to my pinterest i have the dream of coops so when that day comes that i get the go ahead i'm ready- you should check them out. :) p.s. can't wait to see the refinished floors!

  6. Oh dear daughter of mine, just what is totally legal? Peeing outside?

  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *snort*

    (cough, choke)


  8. You did NOT buy chickens. I love it. They're so fluffy and cute! And hello yummy, fresh eggs.

  9. Late congrats!! I checked out your mercury glass tutorial. Nice. I grew up on a farm in Wis and envy the fact that you have chickens. I'm in Va now, live by a lake with no room for chickens. Good news is that I can buy eggs from local farmers. Your chicks are so cute. I buy blue and green pastel eggs and am not sure of breed of chicken, but eggs are gorgeous.


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