Friday, January 6, 2012

What's Happening in My World...

I've been all over the place lately, and I'm finishing up my list of 2012 home goals but there are so many things I want to share that might not require an entire post on their own, and we do know how I love a good list...

Mad Crochet Skillz
I finished the hat I was talking about making for Christmas... my brother-in-law was a fan, so I thought I'd share photographic evidence that I don't always turn everything crafty I touch to ashes:

Success! If I can learn to crochet, a farm animal could.

Here's a sneak peak. I'm dying. 

That's all you get, for now.

My Kingdom For a Doughnut
I'm going through several mini-fasts (specific foods, one at a time so my head doesn't explode and I don't want to kill everyone around me) to reset my eating habits after the food insanity of Hallo-giving-mas. I'm on day 5 of 20.  I've been a bit scattered this week, I admit... but I'm doing better now. And I've lost 5 pounds already! Water, inflammation, blah blah blah... shush up.  In celebration, let's look at a doughnut together, okay?

(Image from

(wipes tears away) It's a beautiful thing... (sniff)

Diamonds CZs Are a Girl's Best Friend
For Christmas I received a fabulous set of Stella & Dot stacking rings I had been pining away for. (I'm doing research - do I like a solitaire or simply a {fabulous} wedding band more? Very, very important decision for upcoming anniversaries)

I love that these rings are gorgeous on their own, but they're also almost dead ringers for a much more expensive ring from Tiffany & Co:

...and since the Stella & Dot version comes with 3 rings... I'll stick with them until I have an extra $12,000 laying around... that I don't want to use to rip out walls or buy cabinets with. Ha.

Laundry Sucks
That's really all I wanted to say about that... and I guess it's not really an update, more of a philosophy on life. Still wanted to share it.

I feel a little better now (except that I want a doughnut in the worst way)... anything fabulous happening in your world that you want to share?


  1. Is that a new slipcover for your couch???? Love! And I LOVE those rings!!!

  2. Ha, I thought you were trying to announce baby on board and so I was completely confused why you were avoiding sugar. Got it... not your tummy.

  3. Recently found your are a HOOT!! I love your writing style and what you write about. It's like visiting an old friend!

  4. Oh goodness, no! I'm pretty sure there will be no more of that in my world. :)

  5. Anything happening in MY world, you ask? Why yes!! I now want a doughnut in the worst way. And it's all your fault.

  6. I am on day 1 of diet Coke detox. I didn't think 50+ oz/day was good for me...hoping I see a 5lb weight loss as well! Can't wait to see waht you have coming up!

  7. My grandson wants a hat like that, but I have trouble reading crochet directions. How difficult was it to make?

  8. Funny, funny post!

    new couch?
    can't look at photos of food when I 'm starving
    beautiful rings
    laundry sucks

  9. Well with that introduction, bring 2012 on!!! I'm curious as to what you're making, I need a bigger hint! And you totally had me at CZ!!! Glad to be bloggy friends with you Anna!!!

    XO, Aimee

    PS I'm your newest follower!!

  10. I, too, am on some kind of Detox, but it changes daily. Today, I avoided Honey Buns like a plague, but ate the whole bag of Popcorn, Indiana All-Natural Drizzled Black & White Kettlecorn prominently displayed at WalMart. It was "only" 5.5 ounces and I spread it throughout the day-does that still count? I can honestly say I don't remember eating a whole bag of anything! Surely running up and down the stairs doing HATEFUL laundry cancelled it out, right?! And then I see those doughnuts-but you couldn't have posted just ONE instead of a WHOLE PILE!?!?! And FILLED ones at that?!?!?! At least the popcorn claimed to be gluten-free and zero trans fat and 100% natural-tell me it was okay. Someone. Anyone. Bueller. Bueller.

  11. THAT is some funny stuff :) I want to be on the kettlecorn diet!

  12. Oh, and Phyllis, it wasn't too difficult, it was actually only my second project ever - the beard was a little tricky to start (just because I had never done a popcorn stitch) but the etsy seller who I bought the pattern from had a TON of great instructions, videos, and she even answered a few email questions for me. I'd say go for it!

  13. If that's your brother-in-law in the hat, he's really cute.

  14. I'm not big on household chores, period. But of all the chores, I actually like laundry the best. Not so much the sweeping and mopping, dishes and dusting. Great post!


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