Tuesday, March 6, 2012

11 Things About Moi


The lovely Shasta from In the Old Road tagged me in this little traveling question game, so I thought I'd play along. I was always a sucker for those awful 100-question email forwards, so this is right up my alley!

(How long until I start embarrassing him? Two months ago?)

1.  What was the first blog that you "followed"?
The first blog I read was The Pioneer Woman - my mom sent a couple recipes and that was how I discovered the whole world of fabulous blogs in 2009 (as opposed to just home photo diary blogs, which is how I was using the medium). The first home blog I actually followed was probably Centsational Girl, but I'm not absolutely certain -- I didn't dip my toes in the home blog water, I went a little crazy and started gobbling them up. Blogs, not my toes. That didn't quite work.

2.  Do you still have any Christmas decorations out?  (inside or outside).
Nope, no Christmas... but I admit, the snowflakes on my dining room chandelier and on the bathroom branch are still up -- it was still winter. I've been meaning to take them down for a couple weeks though. I'm lazy. You caught me!

3.  Who is your celebrity crush?
You mean right this second? Because I appreciate beauty. Jon Hamm, Ryan Gosling, Joaquin Phoenix (his smoldering eyes! oooh! aah!), Jeffrey Dean Morgan... I could go on. Okay, you twisted my arm. Paul Newman was gorgeous. Robert Redford still is. I have a habit of going all broody and developing crushes on actors when their characters are endearing even if they wouldn't appear shirtless on a magazine cover -- I wandered around pining for Zach Braff for a couple days after watching the Scrubs finale, for example. It's my hormones or something.

4.  Do you have children? (If yes, list age and sex)
Yep, I have two boys, aged 6 1/2 and 4 1/2. Half years are very a big deal at these ages.

 5.  Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
It depends on the context, but by itself, I'll take dark chocolate. Unless there's a doughnut nearby. Then chocolate is for suckers.

6.  What is your favorite TV show?
Smart shows that make me laugh. The Office, 30 Rock, and Parks & Recreation. Love them.

7.  Do you have a nickname?  If so, what is it?
I've always been Anna Banana, but my husband started calling me 'bean' when we were dating and it stuck. I know I'm in trouble if he calls me Anna!

8.  What would you do if, all of a sudden, you had a full day of "me" time?  (no children, no husband, just you.)
Probably wonder what the heck I did with my spare time before I got married and had kids! Ha. Okay, I would probably relax - go get a pedicure, give myself a facial and read books with a bright green mud mask face... go out for drinks or lunch with girlfriends, maybe hit TJ Maxx... ;) Relax some more. I love quiet, and I don't get it a whole bunch. 

9.  Have you ever gone "unplugged" for over 24 hours? (No electronic devices, i.e. cell phones, computer, etc.)
Ohh, sure I have... after a while I stop thinking about it. Doesn't happen very often, but it's always nice to take a break! I'm actually torn over whether or not to upgrade to an iPhone this spring - while I'd love all those apps and fancy pants things... the idea of being plugged in constantly is also a little frightening and off-putting to me.

10.  Would you ever dine alone in a crowded restaurant?
Um, HECK no. I'm a giant wuss who is afraid of doing things alone.

11.  What are you wearing?
Pajamas. I'm hot like that. (Did I mention I haven't brushed my hair? Ooooh, yeah.)

Thanks for tagging me, Shasta!

Now I'm tagging all of you guys... I'd love to know:
1. If you could have a condiment dispensed from your navel, what would it be?
2. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go first?
3. If you were a professional wrestler what would your name be?

(and of course I have to answer these ones too: whipped cream/Greece/The Flailing Windmill of Pain)


  1. It'd have to be mayo because I just LOVE it on my fries. Holland and Puerto Rico to visit my families. And that last one....hmmmm....The Rican Wrecker?!

  2. allmandclark4prezMarch 6, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    Hi Anna! I would have Ken's Steakhouse Honey Mustard Dressig on tap. I have wanted to see Greece since doing a thematic unit on it in my ArtEd class in college (but I refuse to get on an airplane...problematic, I know). And my wrestling name would be "The Laundress" because I take the dirt out!

  3. 1. Paul Newman's Southwest Dressing (you can only get it at Micky Ds!)

    2. The International Space Station

    3. Ginger de la Guerre

  4. Ah there are so many things I love about your list, it's not even funny. You + me + Parks & Rec + donuts... could be a good time, just sayin'.

    1. honey mustard from O'Charleys (especially with french fries, mmm)

    2. Greece

    3. Mic Dawg the Magnificent. Duh.

  5. 1. Gross... not a big fan of condiments. Licorice would be awesome.
    2. Fiji.
    3. Lady giggles.

  6. 1. Is hot fudge sauce a condiment? It is in my world...

    2. I'd head for a villa in Tuscany. Might never leave!

    3. You know my wrestler name already: Mother of All Flailing Windmills.

  7. Lol! You crack me up!

    1 - Marshmallow Creme

    2 - Italy

    3 - The Pigeon

  8. 1. I thought I was so original by being about to say hot fudge sauce, but I just noticed Nancy to beat me to it. It's still hot fudge sauce though. :)

    2. Hawaii

    3. Oddly enough, my friends in high school were way into wrestling... and we had our own federation. (One of them actually became a wrestler. ) My wrestling name was Mystique, and my theme song was U2's Mysterious Ways.

    And now, I've come out of lurkdom and introduced you to the dork I am.

  9. Newman and Redford are my choices for celebrity crush too--even though I'm in my late 20s. Glad to hear someone else has similar thoughts. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid... swoon.

    1. Does Italian vinaigrette count as a condiment? Because that would be it.
    2. Provence region of France
    3. This is a tough one for me... maybe The shrieker. I'm not much of a fighter.

  10. So glad I found you on the SNAP link up tonight!! My sister and I are going {it's our first conference and we, too, have no clue what we are doing!} Did you get a hotel yet? I heard the venue hotel is booked up, but we are thinking of trying to find a different hotel on Sat. night. (We're staying with sis-in-law the rest of the time...) Anyway, you seriously crack me up! We SO have to hang out at SNAP. We're trying to get some people together for a quick shopping trip for Thursday morning... when do you get in? And Jon Hamm is absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and I have 2 boys - 6 1/2 and 4 1/2 too! And my baby girl (1) is named, wait for it... Anna! (Is it bad that we call her Anna banana? Do you hate that nickname?) hahaha, this is the longest comment you've ever received! ummm, so to answer your questions:
    1. Nutella (yummmm, I don't care if it's not technically a condiment!)
    2. Italy
    3. The Fashionably-Late Fiend :) Hahaha, I'm tired!

  11. The snowflakes on my dining room chandelier and on the toilet branch are nevertheless up it became nevertheless wintry weather. Their characters are endearing even Print Four Less though they would not appear shirtless on a mag cover. doesn't show up very frequently, but it's always pleasant to take a wreck.


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