Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Help Wanted: A Corner Conundrum

I'm currently trying everything I can to avoid sewing, although I'm running out of other things that need to be done in my boys' room... except...

I need a little help with a weird little corner in the room, and who better to turn to than y'all?

(um, ignore the mess. Obviously it's completely out of character because my house is always 100% clean and perfect, 100% of the time. So this was just a fluke.)

First off, I love a good reading nook as much as the next gal...

(P.S. How similar is that space above? An awkward nook at the end of a bunk bed... I wish mine had a nice window though. Sadness.)

Places like this make me supremely happy, make me secretly want to put my kids in timeout for a made up reason so I can steal their nook and curl up with a book (HA! I kid. No worries... I'd probably read a magazine. *rimshot*)

The problem is there's already a little reading nook action happening in this other corner -- there's a chair, a window with natural light (and a lamp! It's a two pronged lighting attack!), and books... so I'm feeling like another nook mere feet away might be nook overkill.

So. What to do now? Stick an easel in it and call it artsy? Find a new home for my collection of old decor magazines? You guys had such great ideas and feedback about my wood floors, I decided to check in with you again. It's a pretty small space, right around 36" or less, but I'd love to find a use for it if possible... share your awkward space knowledge with me!


  1. Hi!!

    I have two suggestions for your space

    1. Cubbies/locker type storage - maybe even the wood type that is more similar to a professional sports locker rather than the metal school kind. But either way you can't go wrong ;)


    2. What about a small desk? An L snapped one would be cute in a funky color.

    I really enjoy your blog- best of luck!
    Janell (Cameronj88@gmail.com)

  2. How about hanging a mosquito net (the type that goes over a bed) from the ceiling and flares out teepee style so that they could have a small camp. Boys love camps!

  3. Since you already have a reading nook, I think adding some sort of art area would be great. A little desk or easel? You can then use the wall space around it to highlight some of their artwork.

    I would totally steal their nook too. I don't want to go to work this morning, I can just see myself cuddled up reading instead ;)

  4. WHat about using a tension rod and a curtain or 2 and making it a hide out or lego area? You could build a lego table super easily with one of those ikea tables. Kids love their own little hideout. Of course, mine would fight over the area, but that's just my kids ;)

  5. I agree. Storage may be better. Maybe something with doors to hide the bigger toys and a magnet board above to hang artwork?

    Or a tall storage item (love the idea of lockers!)

  6. Chalkboard paint and some clips or empty frames to hang artwork.

    Or tent it off with some fabric and make a little hideout.

    OR if you're bonkers ambitious, build a shelf that extends from the top bunk to the wall and have storage on TOP and make a cute teeny weeny playhouse at the end.

    When they outgrow the play area you could put a little desk in there for homework.

  7. As your little boys get bigger they may need a space to do their homework. I think a combo of (top down): cubby shelves, chalkboard, and desk would be great!

    I look forward to seeing what you end up doing.


  8. I like the idea of an art station or fort. You could also consider putting in a jungle gym with some monkey bars and a swing or a rock wall would be really cool.

    Best of Luck!

  9. I would put in three chunky floating shelves up high, for storage/display....then I would put another of the same floating shelf at desk height, add in a cute chair upholstered in fun fabric and get a nifty little lamp to light the area at night (to be used for art, homework, pen pal letters!)...then I would paint the WHOLE thing, floor to ceiling, in the same color (a bright block of color, to add interest and fun!) so that it all looked like a 'built in'. Yup, that's what I would do ;-) I love all the ideas for this neat spot, I know you'll make it look great. I LOVE your blog, thanks for sharing all your great ideas.
    Tracey in Calgary

  10. I pinned this today and thought of you. It could be great in the space and you can decorate above it.



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