Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick & Easy Breakfast Sandwich

Weekday mornings in my house can be pretty hectic - I have two boys who would rather do just about anything than get ready, so we don't usually have a lot of time for breakfasts. And while they would be happy eating cereal every single day, I like to feed them warm (quick) breakfasts as often as I can.
Start by toasting some bread. I used a sandwich thin but I've also used English Muffins in the past. Go wild.
While the bread is toasting, spray a bowl or ramekin with cooking spray and crack an egg inside.
Sprinkle some chopped up bacon into the bowl with the egg. Instead of cooking bacon each time, I cook a package at a time, chop it up and freeze it. And then every time I make a sandwich or scrambled eggs I can just easily sprinkle bacon-y goodness on top.
Scramble it quickly with a fork...
...and microwave it for one minute.
While the egg cooks, take your toast from the toaster, butter it and add some cheese if you like that sort of thing. I do, so I added some pepper jack.
When the egg is finished cooking, it will be easy to pull out of the bowl (thanks, cooking spray!) so all you need to do is add it to the bread.
There you go, a quick breakfast sandwich.
 Add some fruit, a glass of milk, and you're good to go. Both my boys (with their various picky food issues) eat these happily, and Mike and I like them too. Does anybody else feel giddy when they discover a recipe (any recipe) that everyone likes? It's like striking gold.

This, my friends, is breakfast time gold in my house. You should try it!


  1. I'll definitely be making these!

  2. Ok yum! Oh, and the day I discovered I could cook eggs in the microwave literally changed. my. life! I'm a big fan of those sandwich thins too!

  3. Wow that sounds delicious! Portability is good since I like to eat either when I'm driving to work or once I get there. Kind of hard to do that with cereal.

  4. Yum! It never would have occurred to me to 'wave the eggs - smart! Good tip!


  5. I think even my culinary-challenged self could pull this off. And then I could cook my guy breakfast for a change. And it never occured to me to freeze already cooked bacon, but I think I'll have to do just that! Bacon is great for sprinkling on many things and who wants to cook one or two pieces for a baked potato or whatever and stink up the whole house?


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