Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Speed Styling the Shelves

I'm a girl on a deadline, and my house has to be emptied and prepped for the wood floor guys who are coming in less than a week, so I gave myself approximately 60 minutes to style these shelves in my living room yesterday.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, considering there was no major planning involved - I just dropped a whole bunch of pretty things in front of the shelves, grabbed a bunch of the books I had piled precariously nearby and started shoving things in random places while thinking things like, "nooo, can't have two animals on the same shelf...." and "that shelf looks too silvery..." and "why on earth don't I have more tall books?"

Really though. I need more tall books.

My one sadness is that there aren't more books -- I'm happy with the overall composition (and knew that I wouldn't be able to fit all of the books back on them as my plan was to add more accessories and leave more open space) but I secretly wish I had more shelves. I don't buy books to decorate with; I decorate with the books I buy - make sense? I have books scattered throughout my whole house and I still have shelves in my basement full of extras.

Here's a sort-of close up thanks to the miracle of poor Photoshopping:

Do you like? What do you think of the Wythe Blue now? I love the extra pop it brings, and now that it's partially covered up my husband is even on board. (he said things like, "wow... it's so... blue." yesterday)


This speed styling left me with hours and hours of time to move furniture and prep the house for the wood floor refinishing... and I used approximately 0.0% of that time to be productive. What is wrong with me??

I'm almost done with this project, but for now I need to put it on hold until after my floors get done.

Living room shelves:
Paint backs
Style shelves
Build cabinet doors for media component cubbies

Tomorrow I'll be back with a list of what I'm working on this week in preparation for next week's floor jamboree... much less exciting.


  1. The shelves look fantastic! That gorgeous blue pops even more with how you've styled them. I love the number four in there too. Such a whimsical touch. Also, you cat is very cute. :)

  2. I love your shelves Anna. I want these in the house we are moving to in May!! I really enjoy your sense of hee haw!!!!


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