Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wanna Help Me Move? I'll Buy Pizza!

I'm not really moving, but emptying all the rooms with wood floors in them feels eerily similar. Both in the task's endless drudgery and in the fact that I'm putting it off until the last minute (who else hates moving? Procrastinators, unite!).

The hardwood floor guys said they might come early to replace the few boards that are beyond help (like this one that I nicknamed "The Slivernator.")

No, you're right... I didn't really nickname the board. But you can imagine what it would be like if I did, right? Ha.

But "coming early," which was so vague and nonthreatening a couple weeks ago, has suddenly morphed into "coming tomorrow." And that means I've got some stuff to do.

Rooms don't need to be completely clear by tomorrow, but I do want nonessential ones like the guest room emptied so we're not going crazy all weekend when we'll be busy lugging pieces of bunkbeds that weight 700-pounds each. And I'd like the rugs gone so the floor guys can see as much of the wood as possible to look for places that need some extra love... anything that will help me get back into my house faster next week.

After I get through tomorrow, my front room ceiling needs to be painted - it's the last remaining yellow glossy ceiling in the house, and I decided to get it painted now, before I have to worry about paint droplets on new floors. 

(You can see that I've started painting the ceilings)

And I need to demo the tile in the entryway so the floor guys can cut the wood out with their special saw to prepare for the slate tile we'll be installing. And then there's moving the piano... blerg.

To sum it up, here's what I'll be doing this weekend inside while it's
a glorious 67° F (!!) outdoors:
Bedrooms, dining room and front room emptied 
Front room ceiling painted 
Entry tile removal
Move the piano. Somewhere.
Are there any wise readers out there who know if I need to remove pictures from walls and clothes from closets? We're using water-based poly so I don't know if the fumes will be bad enough to justify removing clothes... any words of advice for me?

Also, what are your plans this weekend? Please tell me they're more exciting than mine!


  1. We put in hardwood floors a few months ago and got a sander with it's own dust collection thing and the dust was pretty minimal, but I still took down the photos from walls... making sure I took a photo beforehand to remember exactly where each one went. They will have to sand your old finish off before they put a new one on.

  2. The water based poly isn't bad. But the sanding can be. If they don't tape/plastic off the doorways and closets you'll be cleaning it for months.

    Good luck.

    We opted to just install new. :)

  3. I am still envious, because your are getting new floors so to speak. I'll help ya, if you can find some reasonable floors for me. LOL

  4. Yeah, I'd take the pictures and what-nots off the wall too. That will save you from crazy amounts of dusting.
    We're installing a fence this weekend, cleaning up a ton of yard waste (we took down a few random pine trees in our yard), and demolishing a small stone wall and brick planter.
    *and then* we're going to install some sort of something on our living room wall to give it texture since all attempts at trying to do it with plaster has failed miserably...


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