Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My $26 Pottery Barn Couch

Did you see that? Twenty six dollars for a Pottery Barn Couch!

Well... $26 net. Still totally awesome in my world - awesome enough to induce an inappropriate burst of song or an ill-timed jig.

It gets even better though:
... it's slipcovered.

... and it's white(ish).

Be still my impractical furniture loving heart.
(Except it's not really impractical because helloooooo, you can wash it.)

So here's how the miracle went down. There's a regional store which I'm sure lots of you have heard of since 95% of home/craft bloggers apparently live in Utah where the store is based... it's called DownEast.They have lots of fabulous furniture, accessories, linens, etc. from fabulous stores like Z Gallerie and Pottery Barn. There are plenty of scratch and dent type things, and oodles of monogrammed backpacks and stockings... some of which feature totally average names, lots of which are more bizarre exotic names like "Jojoelas" or "Saffron" -- eccentric wealthy people buying their cats PB velvet stockings, maybe?

(My apologies to anyone named Jojoelas.)

...aaaand then there are totally normal things, like floor models or overstocks or things with flaws so minor they're unnoticeable or I have no idea what they are besides normal. They're normal. And they're less expensive. 

I like to frequent DownEast as a window shopper, just 'cause it's fun. And I'm apparently a bit of a retail masochist. I tend to want a whole bunch of things.

So I was driving home from running an errand around the turn of the year and an invisible force guided my car into the DownEast parking lot. Fate? A twitchy right arm? We'll never know. I walked in to see that all clearanced home items were on special for an extra 30% off over the weekend. That was enough to initiate a little impromptu  perusing... little did I know that one of the couches I had been admiring from afar during my occasional visits to the store was on clearance. 

I started having a panic attack while I did the math in my head. The couch, my couch, was on clearance for $649 - and after the extra 30% off, the price would drop to $454. Sales tax and delivery brought it to just $526. For a PB couch. In perfect condition. 

In order to bring my couch home I'd have to sell our 4-year old sectional sofa. Let me be perfectly clear: I was totally okay with that. Oodles of okayness happening in this general vicinity. I didn't love the sectional and it had originally been purchased for the larger basement family room of our last home in Salt Lake City, so it didn't even really fit into my narrow Idaho rooms.

I sold the sectional this week for $500, which brought our net out of pocket cost for the new couch to $26. Twenty-six dollars. Pinch me. Did I mention that this exact sofa at PB, in the exact fabric, is $1,699 regular price? What's that sound? Oh, oh yes... it's the couch angel chorus.

Regardless of your feelings toward white {slipcovered!!} furniture, are we all as super excited as I am right now? Because we should be. This, folks, is a good thing in my world.

(P.S. Yeah, the bottom is wrinkly from delivery... I'm getting there.)


  1. *sigh* I'm gonna miss being able to stretch out on the old sectional while watching movies and eating popcorn.

    And I was actually hoping you'd have some sort of awesomely easy DIY method of MAKING slipcovers, since I'm in desperate need of them.

    But it IS a nice couch. And I'm way impressed at your bargaining skills. :)

  2. Oohhh, Buffy.. meaning to tell you - when you visit you have to drink white wine in my living room now or bring a plastic drop cloth with you ;)

  3. That is a-mazing!!! I'm so jealous and I need one of those stores close to me!

  4. Well, then. That is the TRIPLE sigh of my sigh. I miss that old couch.

  5. WOWZERS! Love it!!!!!! I was trying to decide between the PB basic couch and the Ektorp. I went with the Ektorp but LOVE and am DROOLING over your gorgeous couch! Score one for the cheap-o's!! :)

  6. That's amazing!!!!!

  7. I'm SUPER excited for you and just a little (okay a lot) jealous!!! How did you sell the old sectional? Craigslist? We have a situation like that here too, sectional bought for old house not fitting so great in new room!!

  8. i love deals like this! score! ...and its cute too. congrats on the new sofa!

  9. Lovely! And it's even prettier because it was a bargain.....a good price always makes things prettier!

  10. I am so happy for you! I considered the IKEA knock off for quite some time. :o)

  11. I'd say 2012 is looking good for you!! :)

  12. Holy Extreme Thriftiness Batman! That is amazing! (And I love it). I have coveted the PB couches from afar for many a year....sigh...

  13. Awesome! And I love the story!

  14. Thanks ladies! I LOVE great deals too... and this one was screamin! :)

  15. What a great score!! The new couch looks great, and it's a classic shape that should work in lots of different room combinations. I'm jealous!! I need the couch fairy to come visit me:)

  16. I have never heard of that store, and now I have a(nother) reason to visit Utah. With a trailer.

  17. Ha! Hey they're up here in Idaho too, and we're closer to Yellowstone. Just make a trip of it ;)

  18. Wow - what an amazing find! Fantastic! :-)

  19. Whatever! Girl I'm so green with envy...I mean happy for you!!! LOL! That's the best deal EVER! I think I need to come for a visit and do some serious shopping!!! White Slipcover Couches totally ROCK!!! Don't let anyone tell you different!!! You totally HAVE TO share this at my party that just started, okay! I just can't believe it all came together like that! Destined to be yours!!! XO, Aimee

  20. Woohoo! Picture me doing a happy dance with you!

  21. As a fellow bargain hunter, and white couch lover, I am impressed! And totally jealous :D
    -Jade www.constant-chatter.com

  22. So fabulous!!! I was doing back-flips when we got a FREE couch and chair from Ikea http://flutterflutter.ca/2011/06/27/save-your-reciepts/ and I can attest to the fact that when you toss a glass of red wine from one end to the other you'll be happy you have a slip covered sofa! It's way easier when you can strip down the furniture. ;)

  23. Anna, I'm literally laughing out loud over here.

    "What's that sound?
    Oh, oh yes... it's the couch angel chorus."

    I think your $26 (net) find is fantastic!
    Love the couch - love the fact that you were able to get your dream couch - AND pass along your old couch to a new home.

    Wish they had that store in Chicagoland.
    (I loves my some Z Gallerie, PB,...sigh.)
    ~ Dana

  24. Love it!! Thanks for linking up! Stop by and sign up for my Stencil Giveaway!

    XO, Aimee

  25. Yippee! I'd have done a jig, too. :) I just found you via It's Over Flowing, via Thistlewood Farm. Love your post, so I'm a new follower!

  26. Have you thought about dying the slipcover if you don't like it white? I've seen on
    line that a lot of peeps dye their Ikea couch's white slipcovers and they looked amazing!!

  27. Hi!

    I love your pillows! Can I ask where you got them?


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    I love deals like this! Achieve! ..And it’s attractive too. Congrats on the new sofa!

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