Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thoughts on Bridesmaid Outfits

In September, I get to be a bridesmaid for Megan, one of my dear friends, and I'm really looking forward to it. She's a doll. Love her to bits and wish I got to see her more often.

(I also wish I had a better picture of us, but I will put that on my to do list for September.)

She has chosen some lovely fall colors for her wedding colors, and she is getting married to her fiancé outdoors. I'm sure it's going to be beautiful... like I said, reeaally looking forward to it. Instead of choosing a dress for all of her bridesmaids, she's given us free reign to pick dresses we love and feel comfortable in, as long as they're in her wedding colors. She's brave, I'm excited, her mother is probably beside herself. Ha!

Last week, Megan sent me a link for a dress as a suggestion because overanalytical me was having fits over the task. So many options! The dress suggestion she sent is actually one I've always admired, but I was never sure about the color. I wasn't sure how the ginger color would look with my skin, but I read the reviews and it said it looked great on fair skin with dark hair... so I took a chance, ordered it, and we'll see how it works when it arrives. Eep. That's a whole bunch of yellow, I'm not used to wearing that much brightness on my body.

Speaking of stepping out of comfort zones, I'm also wrangling with the decision to wear flats instead of heels. The wedding is outside in a field and the bride is something like 5 inches shorter than I am, so if I wear heels they'll sink into the dirt and I'll end up looking like a giant (my philosophy on heels is 'go big or go home' after all). So. It pains me to say this, but I might wear flats... *deep breath*

I put together a couple of quick looks for this dress, and I'm wondering what your thoughts are -- I'm going to throw a cardigan on for the reception and Megan doesn't care if it matches her wedding colors or not, but I'm not sure which way to go colorwise.
There's so much color in the dress that I'd feel much more comfortable pairing it with a neutral which is why I went with brown from the wedding colors for the cardigan. I'd rather ground the outfit than send it into fall colored orbit. I added a turquoise necklace for a little pop of color and so the outfit didn't look too matchy. I don't even know if Megan would be okay with a pop of non-wedding colored jewelry, so that's not set in stone but the outfit looked so sad without it! I could easily switch it to a green necklace that worked more with the wedding colors if she would prefer.

However, I could also choose a cardigan that doesn't match Megan's wedding colors. I used navy for this example because I love the way navy and yellow look together, but I'm flexible. I also like stripes, I just couldn't fine a fitted cardigan with stripes that I liked this morning.

What are your thoughts? Do you think I should play it safe, or get a bit creative with the cardigan color? Like I said, I'll only wear it at the reception while I party and end up in embarrassing photographs.

What about the shoes?? I didn't use heels in either of the outfits, and as much as I hate to admit it I am fond of the sandals in outfit #2. But the little flats in outfit #1 work with the retro vibe of the dress too.

Outfit #1: Dress from; Necklace from; Cardigan from Forever21; Sandals from

Outfit #2: Dress from; Cardigan from Urban Outfitters; Shoes from


  1. Option 2! Option 2! Option 2! Especially the sandals.

  2. I like that enthusiasm! Aren't the sandals cute?

  3. Not a fan of the sandals for a wedding, but the flats are cute and practical. I was in an outdoor wedding a while back and destroyed my heels (and, I'd hazard, part of a golf course green) while having photos taken.

  4. love the sandals but just not for a wedding (unless it was at the beach). :)

  5. 2 2 2 2 2 2!!!!!!! without a doubt! And the dress kinda looks like the darker yellow flowers in your blog header ;) Don't be afraid!!

  6. Is it just the casual factor of the sandals or just the fact that they are sandals? Do I need to track down a pair of bedazzled ones? Haha :) I only like to wear flats with jeans so I'll do all in my power to avoid them.

    The bride is wearing cowboy boots, just sayin ;)

  7. What about small heeled wedges, dressier than flats, and it will give you your heel edge with out the pincushion in dirt effect. I love the dress Anna and I think it will look very pretty on you!

  8. OH and I wanted to say, I like the cardigan in the second set of pics better than the brown one :)

  9. I love yellow and navy as a color combo! What about espadrilles or a small wedged shoe? You won't sink and you will have a bit of height...just a thought.

  10. I love this dress, and am going straight to the website to give it a closer look in case it might need to come live in my closet. As for the shoe issue, get shoes you will want to wear again!!! I agreed with Teri's comment about some wedges- comfortable, stylish, and good on the grass. Oh and the blue cardigan for sure!!!

  11. I like option 1, but I think that the sandals could work with it as well.

  12. I love both options, but for some reason I'm drawn more to the navy blue with yellow! It looks more classy and clean-cut, perfect for a wedding! I totally feel your pain, I'm almost 5'8" and I love heels, but hate towering over everyone (including my hubby!) when I do. =(

  13. Hi Anna!! -It's Holly Hansen- Meg suggested I read your blog! I love your blog and you just make me giggle thinking about you and your thought process!! I really like your option #1- especially the whole "retro vibe" you dug into- which I think fits you both. I think the brown is great with the yellow- just be sure the bottom line of the cardigan doesn't over step the bow on the dress. Maybe the brown needs to be a bit richer? - More of a chocolate than espresso? I LOVE the turquoise necklace! You'll do great with flats- and I think your right on target with the style vs. dress, your height vs. hers, and heals vs. field! You’ll look great no matter what you choose!!!


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