Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Front Porch Extravaganza: DailyBuzz Moms 9x9

Hey y'all, I'm participating in the DailyBuzz Moms 9x9 challenge again - this time it's front doors decorated for the holidays! I had so much fun last month, I guess I just decided to go for it again. Oh, and I decorate my front porch anyway so I figured it wouldn't be anything too difficult... boy, was I wrong. 

I think I need to hire someone to make Christmas cookies for me because I am running out of time this year and I admit, I was racing the light tonight to get my porch finished in time to photograph before darkness set in. It's those dang ornaments; twisting floral wire in 18°F weather, y'all... 

As much as I planned on doing my porch ahead of time, it really just came together in the last week or so. 
Like I already mentioned I put off attaching the ornaments until the very last minute, but I didn't stumble across the little tree until two or three days ago when I was out at Target and noticed that all of their trees were 50% off and they happened to have a cute little 4-foot tall, pre-lit, pre-decorated number that worked with my overall Christmas color scheme. It was love at first sight, and because of the sale it was a great deal. Never you  mind that 45 of the 50  lights were in the bottom half and I had to buy a strand of 100 lights and some silver ornament doohickeys (picks? Does someone out there speak English to craft?)  to "fix" it. Still a good deal!

Luckily I already had a giant pile of dead wood on hand, ready to set the Christmassy mood...

And I found the oversized ornaments at a dollar store - I wish they were a tiny bit bigger. I even entertained the idea of spray painting oversized play balls (you know me, I'll paint just about anything) but I couldn't find any for less than $8. Dang off-season unavailability.

All the ornaments were dollar store (or dollar section - Target, holla!) ornaments, in fact.

I wanted a little mooooood lighting so I threw together some epsom salt "snow" lanterns...

I love how it turned out! It's super Christmassy - I'm all about the classic colors. It's just about the only time red is invited into my home, so I make the most of it.

Do you like it? Does it scream curb appeal? Hahaha :)

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Just gorgeous and so very festive! I wish that I had a front porch to decorate for the holidays!

  2. it looks beautiful! i don't use red at all in my home but with it being christmas, i am loving it, too! :)

  3. love the candles and garland, i also hung huge ornaments from the ceiling of our porch- they're soo fun!

  4. Festive & lovely, great snaps too!
    Will you be my Christmas decorating elf next year?

  5. I do love it! Very festive and traditional. :)

  6. It's absolutely beautiful. You've done wonders since we were standing on that very porch yesterday. I *LOVE* it!

  7. This reminds me of a Christmas card! Perfect!

  8. I'm very happy that I found your blog.
    Letter from Santa Claus letters from santa

  9. Nice one, dude! Very inspiring and easy to read. Will definitely share this on Fb & Insta.



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