Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Christmassy Updates

Well, sort of Christmassy, in that it's December. Totally counts.

Today I'm home with both my preschooler and his older brother who is sick, and I'm in the planning stages for a couple fun little projects... but today I'm sitting around listening to Christmas music, wiping noses and breaking up fights between boys.

Update 1: My house is almost completely decorated. Joy to the freaking world, people... I have been lacking in the motivation department lately and it's been tough this year. My front room may or may not have looked like this for almost an entire week:

(poor quality photo courtesy of my silly old fashioned phone that won't even take pictures 50% of the time. Pssst, Santa... sort of want an iphone.)

Update 2: I realize it may seem silly to be this happy about a pair of earrings, but I finally got the Sugar Dusted lia sophia studs I had been admiring forever and I can't stop wearing them. Loooooove them a whole bunch, think I need them in silver now too.

(P.S. Update 2 1/2: See that mustard colored cardigan? Months and months of searching, and FINALLY... a single one left at my Target. Snatchity grab! It was meant to be, I'm sure.)

Update 3: I have recently recovered from a massive panic attack stemming from the belief that my entire blog folder had been wiped off my computer by my darling children - all my high res photos, photoshop files and design elements - lucky me found it tucked inside 2 other folders in the Recycle Bin after noticing a benign looking "New Folder" that was 7 GB (yeah, I suck at deleting stuff I don't use). Added a password to my screensaver, gave children suspicious looks for next 30 minutes while they twiddled their little thumbs and said, "who, me?" Still occasionally checking to make sure folder is still there. My precious...


  1. ahhhh! i totally have those earrings pinned! so jealous right now!

  2. LOVE your earrings!!! and kudos on the cardi! i'd love to run across one myself!

    my living room looked scary similar to this until i put the finishing touches on today. and i have a 2 year old.. so that was fun. i'm sure i'll be going through the computer dilemas before long. eshhh.. glad you found it!

  3. So glad to know my living room wasn't the only one looking like that...and while I do have decorations up finally, I still have yet to decorate the trees...SO behind! Love your new sweater and earrings...you are too cute!

  4. I just had to share your post with my sister who is a Lia Sophia consultant and she totally loved the "Lia Shout-Out". Those earrings have been on my "want" list for a while, you may have just sent me over the edge to buy them!

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