Monday, December 5, 2011

Easy NOEL Wall Art

I've always admired Pottery Barn's metal 'Noel' sign, but it's a bit out of my price range ($149, ouch) and it's apparently unavailable now. Sadness. I've seen lots of creative blog types make their own version, so when I stumbled across 12" MDF letters at Michaels in a similar style, I had to grab them and get my seasonal DIY on.

The original sign is about 3' square, and so my version isn't quite as large but it's still nice and big.

I admit, it was a bit touch and go figuring out how to connect the letters - the MDF was too thin for wood joiners, and because my letters E and L don't touch I had to make sure everything else was really strong. I finally had the best luck with pieces of 1/4" scrap and Gorilla Glue, weighed down with heavy buckets of rocks. I also made sure to add bits of scrap all around to help stabilize the letters and keep them from wobbling/weakening the joints.

I finished it up with some Rustoleum's hammered metal spray paint..

Then I simply hung my new Noel art where it could be admired! I might spray it again the spring when it's warmer, since temperature really seems to affect the hammered effect and I'd like bigger 'dimples' on the letters. (but we already know I'm a tad neurotic and get caught up in details...)

Each of the letters was $3.99, but I used a 25% off coupon so I got all four for $12, and I already had the spray paint. Twelve dollars is much more justifiable in my little world than $150!


  1. I love it! But I want that chair!!!

  2. Gotta love when you can replicate at a fraction of the cost! Looks great.

  3. Super cute! I love that you used the hammered spray paint, it gives it so much more...uhm... oomph? Yeah, oomph, that's the word!

  4. Love it! $12 is a HECK of a lot better than $149. I love you Pottery Barn, but sometimes you're a little whacked out on your prices. At least no one I know is willing to spend $150 on seasonal wall art - maybe I just don't run with rich crowds!

    Your version is just awesome!

  5. You just have some amazing craft ideas! I'm totally going to make this for myself and as some gifts. I love your btw. I stumbled upon it and am addicted now. :)

  6. I love it! But I want that chair!!!

    thanks for sharing views


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