Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Comforts - My Love List

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When I heard that Tempur-Pedic was looking for bloggers to write about the little comforts that make this season special, I jumped all over it since I am, perhaps, comfort's #1 fan.  I'd say that comfort is one of my top ten goals in life, and we're all lucky that dignity is on that list too (or my daily uniform would consist of a Hawaiian print muumuu and Crocs).

When it comes to the holiday season specifically, there are definitely a few things that I simply can't do without. Let's share! 

Knit/Crocheted Accessories
Why is it that if it's soft, fuzzy, and possibly even cabled, I go crazy over it? If somebody could knit mini bottles of ketchup or baby ducks my head might explode from the cuteness. I'll wear hats, scarfs, hand warmers, leg warmers, even eyebrow warmers, and I'll probably wear them all at the same time. With my muumuu and Crocs. I'll be smokin' hot.

(source: the Purl bee)

Hot Toddies
This may or may not be the reason that I'm so willing to mix multiple knit accessories with Crocs. But can you blame me? How delicious are these drinks when it's cold outside and you(r husband) just came in from shoveling the walks and your (his) face and hands are like ice? They're also wonderful when you're sick, or when you're caroling, or when it's Tuesday. And if alcohol isn't your speed, I'll make sure to have spiced cider on hand too. Yumm-o.

 (Photo and recipe at Verses from my Kitchen)

Christmas Movies
What is better when it's cold out than snuggling up with your fam and watching a classic? And by classic I mean something goofy, like "Elf" or "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." There are some movies that must be watched in December, or it's just not Christmas time. "A Christmas Story," anyone? "It, it was... soap poisoning!" (Oooh, I also adore "Love Actually" but then I'm a sucker for a good love story!)

I love to sing all year round, but the moment that first bottle of wine is opened on Thanksgiving Day, it. is. on. Want to carol in your living room after dinner? Sure! On a train? In the rain? With a brain? Oh yeah, I'm there, and I'm bringing my A game.

I enjoy heating my house by running the oven constantly. Making cookies, breads, candies... it's one of the perks of this time of year, and one I very much look forward to. I love giving neighbors and friends things I created in my kitchen. I love wearing my frilly apron and listening to Christmas music while I butcher cookie recipes (and succeed at others, 'cause I am not completely hopeless y'all)

Warm Feet
This can be accomplished most effectively by sticking your cold, cold feet on your spouse or significant other's warm, bare back. And cackling. That's the most important part.

Ding Dong Merrily On High, booyah. What are your favorite comforts this time of year? Spill, y'all!
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