Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Nesting {Day 23} - Fall Favorites

I've been spending this entire month going on about pretty little leaves and blue skies and pumpkin scones, and I haven't been doing as much demolition handy house-fixing.

I'll be back to my normal paint color-obsessing self soon, and even as much of a challenge this 31 Days of Fall Nesting series has been for me (oy), I'm really glad I'm powering through it. There are so many things I love to do this time of year, and while 'knock holes in walls' is always on my good list, it's been temporarily relegated to the bottom of my priorities.

For now, I am simply soaking up this favorite season of mine before it's over; I believe that a big part of preparing for the cold months to come is to enjoy the heck out of the beauty and good weather while it's around. It won't be long before all those windows are closed and latched!

I thought I'd share a few of my fall loves with you today!
("These are a few of my favorite things...")

Favorite Fall Foods and Drinks: 

Chai (with a shot of espresso, even)


Pumpkin spice lattes (hold any caramelly drizzle or whipped creamery foolishness)

Pumpkin scones, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pumpkin flavored Brussels Sprouts...

 (my point is that I enjoy ODing on pumpkin this time of year, I lied about Brussels Sprouts)

Favorite Fall Music

"Autumn" by George Winston

"Winters Solstice II" by Windham Hill

(yes, they're both instrumental new age. I promise they're both worth it and you won't have any desires to braid flowers into your hair after listening.)

Favorite Fall Scents
Scentsy's "Autumn Sunset

Bath & Body Works' "Leaves"

Favorite Fall Fashion

Boots, scarfs, and tights (oh my!)

Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters

Fingerless mittens

Fall Fall Activities

Reading books (hopefully under a cozy blanket)

Baking pumpkin goodies

Early morning outdoor pink cheeks and noses

Crunchy leaf walks

So tell me... what is your can't-do-without fall item or activity? I do love a good list, so fill me in on anything I should know about!

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  1. Since I am southern, I would have to say that i prefer the scent of either sweet potato candy yams or sweet potato pie over pumpkin. Of course, peppermint, apples and oranges are always in my top ten.

  2. Chai latter with an expresso shot is the only thing getting me through this shift ay work.. Thanks for the tip!! ;-)


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