Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Nesting {Day 3} - Baskets, etc.

My new philosophy in life is as follows: anything, no matter how messy or disorganized it may be, looks ten times better in a basket. Who's with me?

I especially enjoy baskets that you can't see through; they are perfect for disguising any number of messes like toys or movies.

You can always find baskets on clearance at home or craft stores, and they are a really easy way to introduce a little sanity into a chaotic home. Nesting is so much more enjoyable when your home is a sanctuary that calms you versus a crazy hotbed of disorganization.

Please don't worry too much about your baskets matching. Especially if they will be inside a cupboard or a pantry (ooh, probably going to get hate mail over that one). Sure, it would be great to eventually get there, but your first goal should be to have a functional space. Work your way up to a pantry worthy of a magazine spread.

My pantry? Let's just say no one is falling all over themselves to feature it in Better Homes & Gardens. And I tooootally don't care. It's a pantry, people. I have bigger fish to fry (or walls to paint, or projects to worry about) right now. 

My point is, work with what you've got. It doesn't have to be perfect (or matching, or expensive) to be fabulous and work for your family. Don't let the fear of imperfection stop you before you even start.

Here are a few more examples of random baskets (none of which match!) that I couldn't do without:

1.  Snack basket for the kiddos.
2. Most commonly used hair products in a basket behind my bedroom door ('cause that's where I style my hair.)
3. All of my bathroom junk contained.
4. Common medicines, hand sanitizer, room sprays in a flatware caddy in a kitchen cupboard.

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  1. I just *have* to know where you got your little flying pig??? He is super cute!!

  2. I got him in Utah at a store called Tai Pan Trading :)

  3. We use baskets too - the kind you can't see through!! hahaha! We definitely stash an incredible amount of stuff in each one! We're stationed in Europe and have no closets! Baskets are key to my sanity!!

  4. I LOVE baskets too. It sure makes my hall pantry prettier and more organized!!

  5. I have the same little pig. I love him! I got him at Tuesday Morning, a discount shop. I am not sure if they are all over the country but they are a chain and have a web site.


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