Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Embellish Gifts with Pom Poms

When I grew up, my parents would wrap gifts under the cover of darkness, hidden away in locked rooms for fear of discovery. However they also made the error of hiding unwrapped gifts under their bed. (seriously? rookie mistake.)

I, on the other hand, employ much trickier gift hiding tactics, and also refuse to let gift wrapping cramp my style and good times. I prefer to wrap (or sew, or craft) in the middle of my living room where I can watch a movie with my husband while creating a temporary mess tornado.

I also like crazy things. Like pom poms. And now, with my patented "easy-puff" system, you too can enjoy hours of homemade pom pom fun for just 3 easy payments of $29.95! 

Just  kidding.*

(*unless you were okay with that... 'cause I am totally taking donations** for my kitchen overhaul which my husband is firmly against.)

**(except I'm not really. No donations accepted or needed***. Just send me good kitchen-convincing vibes)


Anyway... here's how you do it. It's crazy easy, you don't even need any fancy tools.

1. Wind yarn around your fingers. The more fingers you use, the larger your pom pom.

2. Keep winding. I counted about 100 yarn wraps for these - a sparse pom pom is no fun at all. Think about keeping your fingers slightly parted so the pom pom is easier to remove and your fingers don't turn purple. (See? I'm lookin' out for you.)

3. Ease the yarn off your fingers being careful to keep the future pom pom intact.

4. Carefully place on another piece of yarn laying opposite the direction of your yarn wrappings. Wrap length of yarn around entire pom pom and tie a knot in the middle. Pull tight - and use your foot to hold down the yarn on one end if you have to hold a camera to take photos (but please, crop your toes out of the finished photo!)
5. (optional) Leave the strands of  your knotted yarn long so you'll be able to tie your pom pom onto whatever needs bedazzling before you trim it.

6. Cut through all the loops on either side of the pom pom, being careful not to cut the knotted strand in the middle that's holding the whole enchilada together.

7. Join the pom pom war. To trim or not to trim?

8. Bedazzle. Your friends will be amazed! Or at least mildly amused.


  1. pom pom are always fun to make. My sister and I would make them all the time.


  2. A sofa table, vanilla extract, chandelier rings, etc. and now this...how am I supposed to keep up?! I haven't even STARTED my sofa table yet, let alone pom poms! (Actually, I want MIL and I to do the sofa table in the spring!) There! Now I'm starting to feel a little more handy....!
    (I'll be honest with you-I really didn't know how to make these, but now I do! Thank you!) Look out knitted hats and what-not!

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