Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Painting With A Plan

I'm happy to report that I survived Monday and I am not flailing underneath a pile of euroshams somewhere, crying for help. However, I got a little overzealous with the paint samples and, well... my kitchen and living room are a hot mess.

I admit, I was a little heavy handed with the samples. I'm nothing if not thorough, and I like to examine colors in lots of different light.

I'll spare you all the photos; just imagine what it would look like if someone opened up two quarts of paint and flung them around in a fit of change-induced excitement. My poor husband wasn't even surprised, he's so resigned to my decorating and DIY obsession. He glumly accepts zebra striped walls as a fact of life.

I won't even mention how many times I've painted these two rooms in the last 2 1/2 years. The living room's newest color hasn't even been on the wall 12 months. I know that some people (*coughcoughmyfamilycough*) think I have a painting problem, and some may even be taking bets as to how long this newest color will last. 


This time y'all, I have a plan. A real one. So there.

Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to finish a couple of floor plans that I've been fighting with (seriously, is there some magical program out there that I need to use?) to unveil "the plan."

In the meantime though, let's ponder. Edgecomb Gray (lighter) vs. Revere Pewter (darker)?


  1. i second the edgecomb gray. the revere pewter looks a little silver to me. i prefer a true gray. but im sure whatever you pick will look fab.

  2. I like edgecomb gray. Doesn't everyone paint their walls once a year?! ;)

  3. I'm with the other ladies on edgecombe gray. As a frequent painter, you know how the color always looks a little deeper on the wall than the sample. That makes revere pewter potentially too dark. More importantly, that metallic look of RP is very, well, pewter (or silver, as noticed by sarah's eagle eye), but flat. All that baloney said, you can't go wrong w B.Moore, and your good taste. Hey, if you don't like it, there's always next week to try something new! Go, you!

  4. When we were building this house, I picked a color for my (moroccan themed) bedroom that required 17 coats of paint. Afterward I was told by our painters that if I ever wanted to change the color, they'd find me and drown me in a bucket of Sherwin-Williams. So, I guess it's bold red with a striking yellow ceiling dome forever! Oops.

  5. Think you have a painting problem, my friend you do have one. Every time I talk to you you are repainting something. When I am ready to repaint my house say in (10) years, I am bringing you down here to supervise my boys ;)

  6. I have Revere Pewter throughout my spacious(!) 1100 sq ft house and it still is my favorite paint color, hands down (and I have a bit of a painting obsession in the other rooms) People comment on it all of the time and it does not appear dark at all. LOVE the color!!!

  7. May I ask what did you end up painting? Revere Pewter or Edgecomb grey? I am tackling the same problem for my front entrance, up the staircase and in the hallway upstairs.There is not alot of sunshine(we are north facing), I am worried it will be too dark-especially in the upstairs hallway.


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