Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where the Magic Happens...

Yep, the magic. It's a-happenin'.

That is... if by "magic" you mean, "shoving everything to the center of the room while you stop washing dishes in order to devote all your waking hours to caulking, filling, sanding, taping, priming, painting, and grumbling." 

That's what magic means in my world. Especially when you get paint on your bra -- that's how you know you're a legit DIY addict. Word, y'all.


  1. Tell me, my friend, that you are not attempting to do these kinds of things BEFORE Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Haha, you most likely made it happen truly great! You have to use oxbridge essays. You will be the finest author ever! I will not dare to create a wide open letter, but guys out of this website could write everything, really.


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