Monday, November 14, 2011

Living Room Progress and Paint

After eleventy billion hours of caulking and filling, I finished painting the trim in my living room last week and I suddenly understood why people hire professionals -- prepping and painting trim isn't going to make it to my list of favorite things (girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes everywhere are heaving a collective sigh, I'm sure).

 First off, let me say that I love this color. Edgecomb Gray is like a super neutral - it's not cold or drab, it's not boring, and it looks different in every single light (but it never looks bad). I'm a big fan.

Since I don't have a Benjamin Moore in town, I had the paint matched at Sherwin Williams (during their 40% off sale, holla!) and it was perfect. I've complained about the big box stores and their inability to match Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore colors in the past, but consider this my official, unsolicited ringing endorsement for Sherwin Williams.

Spot on, out of the computer, first try.

All of the windows in my home are dark wood, so I just paint the trim while leaving the moving parts and the grid that creates the look of multiple panes, and I actually dig the way it looks. I am a-ok with a little trim quirkiness in my world.

(See how much better my door looks without green paint, or even a stripe of beige paint, next to it?)

In other news, I am delighted to announce that (hopefully) tomorrow I will have baseboard in here. Squee. It's been sitting out in my garage, painted and ready to go... and now I think it's actually happening. Super, super excited about that.

I hope no one sat around all weekend biting their nails and waiting for photos of my living room; I couldn't post those pictures Friday when I finished because I was a girl trip with my two sisters and our mom in Park City.

Two things: I need adult supervision in World Market, and I thought we were making silly faces when this picture was taken -- can someone please tell me next time so I don't end up looking like that while everyone else looks fabulously normal? 


  1. It looks great! I'm not really a huge grey paint fan because it can look a little gloomy, but yours isn't like that at all. Good pick!

  2. Edgecomb Gray is the color of my living and family room. I LOVE it! Any time someone asks for a recommendation on a good greige I recommend this. Looks amazing!

  3. Could you share your color matching formula?


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