Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

It's craziness over here today - steer clear, y'all.

I've got guys replacing a section of old gutter and installing snow stop around the front entrance of my house, a half finished nightstand laying on my kitchen floor (um, where else would it be?) and various toys and boy-sized hats and mittens scattered to the four corners of every room.

I have two complete bedding sets in heaps on my bed, patio furniture sitting in my living room on its way to the storage room, and cans of paint on my kitchen counter.

It's pretty much just another Monday around here, y'all.

But seriously... if you don't hear from me tomorrow, send someone in. Contact the authorities or something. I could be trapped under a pile of euroshams somewhere.


  1. What the heck is a snow stop and do I need one?

  2. They're pieces of metal that match your metal roof that keep the snow from sliding off of it at breakneck speeds and taking your gutters off as it goes ;) I think it's just a metal roof thing.

  3. i have spent all afternoon neglecting my kids in favour of casing your blog, from this post right back to the very first post on this blog, aswell as following a few of the links that you have set up to other blogs etc, i just wanted to say that i love the fact that you share pics and recipes and the good, bad and ugly of some of your successful decor ideas and home improvements, we have just purchased our own home after nearly twenty years of marriage and i am gonna become a fundi at the home improvement thing if it kills me. I asked for a tablesaw for my birthday coming up next month, i think this idea may be the one to kill me, lol
    thanks for sharing i have totally loved your blog and am now a new follower and cant wait to see what else you share

  4. *Trapped under a pile of euroshams somewhere*



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