Monday, September 26, 2011

Deshaming my Nook of Shame: A Plan (Really!)

I haven't talked about the hook nook turned nook of shame for a long time; we try to pretend it doesn't exist around these parts. Problem is, my entire family walks through it multiple times every. single. day. and hang our heads in sadness. (Except really it's only me)

This has been an unfinished project of mine for a loooong time. One of my 2011 resolutions was to finish what I started, and since I have been failing miserably in grand fashion, I decided to go way back, back to one of the first projects I started at this house, and turn over a new leaf. And really do it this time. For serious. Honest, I promise. Pinky swear even.

So. ahem. Let's take a tour of what will be happening, okay?

The first phase of my project is going to be the actual entryway area from the garage into the kitchen; like I said, it's the door we use 80% of the time. For shame.

You can see that two years ago I started dressing up the end of my fridge cabinet -- I didn't want a big white cabinet box greeting me when I came inside, so we put a piece of masonite on the top section, had it textured with the rest of the walls, and I had planned to finish the bottom to look like molding, complete with hooks for backpacks.

Well, it never happened. I kept putting it off because in my kitchen remodel master plan the entire fridge cabinet will be replaced with cubbies. The problem is, that still hasn't happened either -- and until we can budget for a new kitchen, I need some sort of entry hook system to keep myself from going batty.

So here's the plan:

1. Finish the molding on the bottom of the fridge cabinet, caulk and paint. Add hooks. Breathe a sigh of relief as backpacks (hopefully) get hung.
2. Paint the back door. I'm thinking black?
3. Paint the angled tongue-in-groove ceiling white.
4. Stain the beam at the top a darker color. (Down with orange wood!)
5. Possibly add a boot tray at the bottom

Re-painting the room is in my long term plans too, but I think I'll like the apple green much more once I get rid of all that orange wood and MDF.

As for the other side of the nook, the plan hasn't changed from the last time I wrote about this sad little area of my house.

I may be getting help for that part of the project. And by 'may be getting help,' I mean I have absolutely no idea how to build a bench. Eep.

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  1. Today was confession post around the blog world. I posted a list of my unfinished projects too! Can't wait to see the finished area. Your plans sound great.


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