Saturday, September 3, 2011

Show Some Love & Win Free Stuff

Remember this fun room I shared with you back in July?

Well I mentioned that Cassity (of Remodelaholic) and Roeshel (of The DIY Show Off) had designed it as part of the Shaw Floors HGTV Home Design Challenge. And now the time has come for the actual competition and a voter contest -- and it's a pretty good one: Shaw is hosting a 30 Days of HGTV Home contest on Facebook, where they're giving away a floor a day for (wait for it...) 30 days. Pretty sweet, right?

All you have to do is hop onto the Shaw Facebook page and vote for the room of your choice under their 30 Days of HGTV Home tab -- there are 5 different blogger-designed rooms, including Cassity and Roeshel's creation above. You can pick whichever room you like of course, but I think we know where my loyalties lie. Mwahaha.

(Important Note to Save Yourself Valuable Time By Learning From My Mistake: When you first go to Shaw's facebook page and enter your email address to register for the contest, you'll get an email confirmation; after that, you'll go back to the page to vote and think to yourself, "SELF! This page looks identical. What on earth is going on!" Well, enter your email address in the same spot at top like you were registering again, and this time it will recognize you and take you to the voting page.)

You can vote for your favorite room on Shaw's FB page every day, and your votes help the bloggers of your choice (*coughcough*cassityandroeshel*cough*) win their design competition. Layers upon layers of contesty goodness, folks. Are you overwhelmed yet? Because we're totally not done.

Cassity & Roeshel are also hosting their own giveaways. Squee.

From September 1 through September 14, Shaw is giving away a free rug at Roeshel's blog (any size in your choice of pattern from their HGTV Home collection!). Go to The DIY Show Off to see how you can win this -- there are lots of ways to get multiple entries.

And in the second half of the month, Cassity will be hosting another giveaway at her blog, Remodelaholic. No deets yet on that one but y'all should head over there to prepare yourself for the goodness to come.

(I didn't receive anything for this post, I just like free stuff and think Cassity and Roeshel are fab gals. I'm a fan of spreading the love and it would be so exciting if one of you won a new floor or a rug! But seriously, get in line because I've already voted today. Have you?)


  1. Thank you Anna for helping us out! It means A LOT!

  2. Anna! You are so awesome! I really appreciate this post and shout out for votes! It's so important to us and we'd love for those we know to win too!!! Great write up ~ you're so sweet! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. I don't think so people do not love your work because you every time come up with new things. The edubirdie also doing the same work as you are doing it.


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