Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some Mildly Interesting Updates!

Happy Wednesday! Where have I been this week? Um, well... I slept in?

Not really. I've just been relaxing a bit and preparing for the craziest month of the school year... May is bananas, y'all. Also I've been trying to make a plan to divide and conquer some outdoor projects this summer so I actually get a few things done, rather than flail about and dabble in 20 projects and get only 20% done on each of them -- that was the old Anna.

Photo from 2011
(Stripey wood be gone!) 

 I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post -- I really appreciated all your thoughts on replying to comments and I will continue to read through them while I try to decide what direction to go with this blog. Several people said there was code to automatically email replies when you post them, but I'm 99% sure that's for Wordpress blogs and I'm on Blogger. If I'm incorrect in this assumption, please send the information my way and I'll love you forever and ever.

Also, thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes for the performance I was in on Sunday! Y'all are too nice. It went well, my sister worked her behind off (she leads her church choir and once or twice a year opens it up to the community for larger, more adventurous "productions") and it was a fun night! My sister Buffy is a fabulous musician and a talented conductor and I really enjoy working with her whenever I get the chance, even though she bosses me around because I'm her little sister (obviously she didn't get the memo that I am the Queen of Everything). I forgot to tell Mike to whip out his iPhone and record my solo but from what I understand they recorded the whole concert, so I'm sort of looking forward to hearing it... sort of. I have issues listening to myself talk, or sing... and heaven forbid I should appear on video -- watching myself sends me into fits. Anyone else like that?

Photo from hartshots
(me and Buff singing at her church last summer... ignore my dorky expression!)

 If you don't follow me on twitter or Facebook, then you may have missed the monumental announcement that my husband surprised me with an iPhone while we were down in Utah for the concert. This is big time news in my world since my phone died almost two months ago and I've been using my mother's old flip phone from something like 2003. Mike got our wireless carrier to make an exception since we were so close to the upgrade date (it's actually tomorrow) and surprised me by putting the new phone in my purse and telling me I had missed some calls. Aww. The funny thing is my purse is so insanely large I was pawing through it looking for my old phone and I completely missed the iPhone box for a little bit -- seriously, it's the biggest most Mary Poppins-esque purse ever... the things I pull out of that bag surprise even me.

So to be 100% honest, I really haven't posted this week because I've been too busy dominating in Draw Something and Scramble with Friends, and enjoying Pinterest from the comfort of my bed. The truth comes out... shame. But really, move over Bob Ross because I am all about making happy little trees that resemble happy little trees if you think outside the box and I cheat assist your understanding by scrawling "happy little trees" above my photo in handwriting that rivals my 4 year old's.

Back tomorrow with something more relevant, less about me and (hopefully) more productive! Just gotta think of something to do... ;)

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