Friday, May 11, 2012

What's Up Chicken Butt 05.11.2012 - Failure!

I thought it would be fun to conduct a chicken-related experiment today and let the birds sample some chicken snacks. I did a little research and came upon a fun little list of treats that birds are supposed to love, so I whipped out some bowls and went outside to make chicken vlog history.

Never you mind that my neighbor probably thinks I'm already 10 shades of crazy for having chickens in the first place... now I'm standing in the backyard alone, talking to myself about experimenting on them. I wonder why he never wants to hang out. Hmm.

Either way, it was an epic fail and I couldn't get the chickens to do anything that I wanted them to do. We apparently bought the birds that were bred without the trained monkey genes. Rookie mistake.

I spent an hour trying to entice the birds over to the treat bowls by repeating various forms of this futile exercise:

What I've learned today: 
  • I just wasted a couple hours
  •  Chickens don't respond to commands like "come" and "stay!"
  • Chickens are kind of bratty and need to learn how to be better team players
  • They're still purposefully avoiding the treat bowls now out of spite. I know it's spite.
  • Chickens don't deserve treats when they're naughty.


  1. Too funny. Good try though.

  2. Oh dear :) They're still pretty cute though! I have the opposite problem. My chicks were deathly afraid of me so I tried to con them into liking me with treats. I put some plain yogurt in my hand and they loved it. But now when I try to change their food or water, they try to eat my hand!


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