Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crazy Summer '12: June

I'm not ready for June. Judging by my MIA status for the last week, May has been a little more than I could handle too!

Friday is my son's last day of first grade, which means that June is here. June is here, people!

I'm gearing up for the big race I run every year this month, and I've decided that this will be the last year I am team captain. I admit, I'm pretty much an expert at bossing people around and organizing things, but it's a lot of work and after two years it's time to hand the job to someone else! I'm really excited for the race itself though, and can't wait to get my 32-hour-in-a-van relay stank on.

(if we have to reek at least we get to reek in some beautiful country, right?)

June will bring out-of-state family, some mini vacations and...I'm also working on some big projects that I can't talk about yet, which is one of the reasons I've been invisible these past few days! Squee! Stick around to watch the fun unfold, y'all.


  1. that looks like the rolling hills of the San Fernando valley in California. If it is the San Fernando valley it sure is pretty driving threw there in the spring time.


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