Friday, June 1, 2012

Instagram Photo-a-Day Challenge

I've watched a few bloggers participate in the Photo-a-Day challenges before, and this month I'm going to try my hand at it -- not that I'm a particularly talented photographer, but here goes nothin'! 

Have you heard of this challenge? Every month there is a topic list and people share their photos on instagram... here are June's topics:

... and here's my first photo for the challenge.

I really have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to instagram in general (um, how are people using old photos or uploading graphics??) but if you want to play along go grab the app (it's available for Android phones now too) and find me! I'm on instagram as sidestreetblog -- I'd love to see your photos too!


  1. That's hard. My caption makes no sense because the filter that uploaded was way darker than what my phone told me.

  2. Check out Its a great way to see your photos on your comp. You can follow me at emilywardo. I'm following you! :)

  3. Im going to try this next month!

  4. I just started the photo challenge as well...I follow you....follow me at sheeksheeks

  5. I'm so pumped to be your newest follower! I'm grabbing you button & adding to my blog right now! :) I look forward to your future posts. Your photo for Day #1 is beautiful! :)


    -Jade Sierra-

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