Saturday, June 9, 2012

On Instagram 06.10.2012

I've hopped onto Instagram and am going full force with the June Photo-a-Day Challenge - I'm having so much fun that I thought I would share what I've been up to -- let me know if this is something you'd like to see more of!

1. Day 1: Last morning of school year...
2. Love my son's school - my sweet gift from secretaries for doing the directory and newsletter. #imacrier #donttouchmym&ms
3. Day 2: Empty. Stomach says my honey needs to go light the grill! :)
4. Look @tajour I DO practice! ...sometimes ;)  

1. Day 3: On my plate... No fancy styling here. Just backyard pizza picnics ;)
2. Day 4: Close-up. Strawberry on the way...
3. Day 5: Stopped at a light, what's this? It's a sign! To the ice cream store!
4. Even superheroes need snacks. I'm counting those as hats. Day 6, check!

1. Maybe the coolest packaging ever for my shawl from NOVICA - including a handwritten postcard in two languages! Love!
2. Just keep painting, just keep painting... (my kids maybe watch Finding Nemo too much? Ha)
3. Paint warrior shadow boxing (embarrassing sister hijacking my phone!)
4. Day 8: Six o'clock dinner at my sister's house...

1. Better late than never, Day 7: Drink :) (can't see it in this collage - trust me, it was there!)
2. Day 9: My view today. Thank goodness for a sister's and niece's helping hands!

What were you up to last week?


  1. I Love this. I am in love with instagram and someone said I could get a version for my blackberry.... but I haven't looked into it yet.

    Also, loved how you divided it into frames of 4 each. It saves having to scroll up and down to see the picture's descriptions.

    Well done. And I love the shadow ninja.... now if you could get someone to paint it on the wall in the boys room....


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