Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Look what the cat dragged into my garage!

New nightstands! 

No, they're not for my room (my hacked ones are practically new!). They're for my guest room which doesn't have a matching pair, only one lonely little table.

 My handy brother-in-law was nice enough to use his magic skills of a carpenter to put these together for me over the weekend (what took him 2 hours would have surely taken me 2 weeks days weeks. sigh.) and I can't wait to finish them!

I just need to decide... how. Decisions, decisions.

Update: See what I really had in store for these nightstands (hint: they weren't actually for my guest room)


  1. Wow, those are already super cute. I love the top part.
    can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. modge podge old french love letters!

  3. I'd be painting bright shiny colors...cause I am feeling summery like that! Enjoy! Can't wait to see what you do :)


  4. Is there any way we could get the plans for those side tables similar to the ones for your sofa table?? Sorry to creep on your furniture but it's so cute!!

  5. I say stain them! U never do that! (;


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