Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's in Your Bag?

If you're anything like me, the answer to that question is usually, "pretty much everything." A couple weeks ago I kept setting off metal detectors in stores and it took me a day or two to realize it was because I was hauling around our (empty?) DVD case for "Despicable Me" with the anti-theft sticker still inside. Fifteen pens? Check -- I like pens. Receipts from 2011? Um, maybe. No judging.

So when I got an email inviting me to participate in a fun collaboration with Gussy Sews called "What's in Your Bag?" my first thought was, "fun!"

My second thought was, "crap! The shame!"

I was lucky though -- I just changed bags so it hasn't gotten too crazy bananas up in here yet. I should post photos of what is still in my last bag... but I won't! (I changed right before we ran out the door to Sun Valley so there was no cleaning of the previous bag happening, I just hung it in a closet. It still weighs 5 pounds. I'm hanging my head in shame.)

See how cute my new bag from Gussy Sews is? It's a large zippered pouch and I heart it a whole bunch.

Clockwise, from top: My new pouch from Gussy Sews; my iPhone; a first aid kit that was supposed to make it into my glove box but hasn't yet; my "Chicken Poop" brand chapstick; a notebook and 4 pens (it's a new purse -- it'll most surely be in the double digits by next week); my zippered bag full of business cards from SNAP! that for some reason I had to take along when I changed my purse; two unopened kids' meal toys from the ride back from Sun Valley; my wallet; mini thing of kleenex.

I have to share what I'm using this new pouch for though, because it rocked my world. I was reading the description of pouch sizes and it said the large pouch was great for toiletries or computer cords, and right then and there the heavens opened; cords! I have so. many. cords.

I gave it a test run on our trip last weekend -- I stuffed it chock full of phone chargers and camera batteries and assorted cords... probably some of them I didn't even need but I packed them anyway because I could. I'm usually rifling through suitcases trying to find a phone charger at 2 in the morning... but no more, no siree.

My heart is swelling. Baby steps toward organization, people.

Now that I'm home I'm still using it for the cords I get into a lot like the USB cord for my camera. Now that I can find them I might not need several scattered around in strategic locations anymore... ;)

And just because I love you and have no shame, here's all the stuff I just pulled out of my last bag:

 (lots of papers and receipts, including a flyer from the photo session that must not be named. A single child's sock, white glue, jewelry parts (I don't make jewelry so figure that one out), a pair of goggles... you know. That's just how I roll.)

Now you need to make me feel better -- what's the weirdest thing you've carried around in your bag?

P.S. Head over to Gussy Sews and use the code WIMB10 for 10% your purchase through August 30!


  1. Weirdest thing? Probably chargers to devices I no longer own. But, I change my purse out once in a while too - that's in my purse at home. In the one I'm using today, probably my dog's AKC papers - which should be home and filed away instead of in my purse.

  2. I've been setting off the detectors too! My purse is much worse! I recently bought a new purse and am dreading making the switch. It's going to be a project for sure! I use a zip lock baggie for my cords but the Gussy Sews bag is so pretty. Congrats on your steps to organization!!

  3. I had a wine bottle opener this past week and last night I took it out. I always have a notebook; I feel naked without one. I also have about a dozen pens. Everybody in my family knows who to go to when they need one. There's the mother nature purse that includes wet wipes and feminine products and the make up purse just in case the girls want to meet for drinks. I think I'll blog what's in my purse one day, when it's got something crazier than swimming goggles. Haha.

  4. What's in my purse very closely resembles what in your purse, minus the contact stuff, the single sock (though I know I've had my own socks in my purse from time to time) and the Elmers. Throw in floral wire and a tiny pouch with knitting tools, and our purses would be twins.

    BTW--love the new project gallery tab. Very nicely done. I like the organization aspect. Much easier to find projects.....I'm thinking mercury glass....


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