Monday, September 19, 2011

Playing Dress Up

I love shopping for the same reasons that I love decorating. My forté is really pretend online shopping, because I never have enough cash (or closet space) to feed my real addiction passion.

Have you ever heard of Ruche? It's got a lot of fun finds, a bit of an Anthropologie-esque vibe but much easier on the budget. This past weekend I decided to go on a pretend shopping trip and see what I could put together, just for fun. Here's a few outfits -- aside from one item each, they're exclusively from Ruche.

How do you feel about the bow tie blouse trend? Because I can't decide, but I think I might love it. Especially this particular blouse, I love the rust color and the shorter sleeves -- perfect for bracelets, which I'm a big fan of.

Sheer blouse
$33 -

Tweed pencil skirt 
$29 -

Chain clutch
$36 -

Bangle bracelet
$13 -

$25 -

My favorite part of this next one is the supah fly clock necklace. Flavor Flav! (Is anyone surprised to see those wedges I fell in love with show up on this blog again? Of course not.)

Floral top
$40 -

$39 -

Wood wedge
$119 -

Faux leather handbag
$49 -

Flower jewelry
$17 -

Wide bracelet
$13 -

And finally, we have the required mustard cardigan ensemble, because I've been on the hunt for one I loved for what feels like forever, and I just can't shake my obsession.


Sleeved dress
$40 -

Aubin Wills merino wool top
$140 -

Opaque hosiery
$9.99 -

Chelsea crew shoes
$65 -

Gold tone jewelry
$9.99 -

$15 -

If you're paying attention and you like to buy Christmas gifts, feel free to send me the two shirts and the dress. And... okay, the cardigan and brown purse, too.

What's your favorite?

P.S. Oh, and the loafer wedges. Dear Santa, maybe I need a job?

P.P.S. This coat too. Stepping away from the computer now...

{Note: Ruche has no idea I'm writing this post, I received no compensation for sharing my opinions -- I just had a bit of fun on their site. However, they're welcome to send me anything they want. HA!}


  1. Such cute ideas...I may Pin a few for good measure :)

  2. oh my gosh I totally adore these outfits. Love outfit #1!


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