Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My House Crush

I wanted to introduce you to my new boyfriend (I still love the mirror, but that was months ago and I needed something new and exciting in my life...)

Back at the very beginning of this year, I received my copy of Better Homes & Gardens like normal. Then I met this house in its pages, and we've been secretly planning to run away together ever since. I'm taking a big step today by sharing our love -- I didn't post about it earlier, but it keeps popping up on pinterest so I'm making an official declaration of love.

I love everything about this house -- the great colors (well except for the blue dining room walls even though I like them in context, I just wouldn't want to live with them), the bright airy feeling... the open staircase and the great kitchen with its high ceiling.

I want to go to there.

{All photos from Better Homes & Gardens February 2011 issue, found via Pinterest}


  1. Gorgeous house!!! I adore everything about it too...especially that chippy aqua coffee table! Swoon!

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  2. Very how the hall runs under the stairs.

  3. I realize this comment is a couple of weeks late, but I was catching up. Don't know how I've missed the pics on Pinterest, but I too have an insane crush on this house - epsecially the painting and the pop of teal and green in the neutral family room. My hair stylist actually made me take the brand new mag home with me from the salon back in January because I drooled over it so much!!!

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