Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Fall Nesting

Welcome, welcome to the gorgeous month of October and welcome to the first day in my 31 Days of Fall Nesting series.

I am doing something brave and decisive (both of which are completely out of character) and challenging myself to participate in The Nester's 31 Days of Change series.

Why fall nesting? Well, this is my favorite time of the year, where we start turning our focus inward to the home, the hearth. It's probably just our basic animal instincts telling us to close the window and start gathering nuts so we don't end up like that poor grasshopper in Disney's old Silly Symphony cartoon... but whatever the motivation, I love preparing for the seasons to come.

And what describes preparing for things to come that better than "nesting?"

It's all about family, warmth, comfort, traditions, and a new start as we turn the corner from the light, open spring and summer months to the darker and more introspective fall and winter ones.

I'm sure I'll find ways to throw in plenty of random humor, melodrama and maybe even some doughnut pictures - you know how I roll.

Most importantly though (yes, even more important than doughnuts) I'm really looking forward to spending an entire month focusing on some of the things any of us can do to make the most of this gorgeous seasonal transition.


I would love it if you chose to read along this month and nest with me. Free doughnuts to everyone who does. Only not really. Dang.

P.S. Posting for 31 days straight sounds like pretty much the scariest thing ever, which means that it will most likely end up being a very good thing indeed. Yay for personal growth.


  1. My favorite topic! Glad you are joining in the series!!

  2. Well any gal who loves a good doughnut is a friend of mine! What a beautiful blog ... glad to have found you through 31 Days!

    Off to the "click here to subscribe" button.

  3. Oh, how I love fall! I'm looking forward to some extra encouragement in the fall nesting area. PS I'm nervous, too, about posting for 31 days on the same topic! Yea for personal growth indeed!

  4. Hi Anna. What a perfect topics. I'll be sure to stop back and look forward to your series :-)

  5. Hi - found you via The Nester today (I'm participating, too!). I LOVE the fall and I'm always looking for more ways to enjoy the season - looking forward to reading your posts! :)

  6. I was already a follower but as another 31 Day-er I'm looking forward to your series! This will be fun!


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