Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Nesting {Day 31} - Recap

We made it! Thirty one days... gold star stickers all around. I admit, signing up to participate in this series was a bit of an impulse decision and I seriously questioned my sanity a couple weeks in, but now I can see that it was good (and good for me!)... I'm still happy to be on this side of it though!

Over the past month I've shared some things I like to do this season to help prepare for the time ahead, and hopefully you've enjoyed it and maybe even gotten a few ideas to try in your home. I love watching the Earth and the animals getting ready and going through changes to ready themselves for the coming dark, quiet winter months. I think we humans naturally mimic these patterns... knowing that after this rest comes nature's rebirth in spring.

Here's a recap of all the posts in this series in cased you missed any or would like to go back and find a specific post.

{Day 1} - Introduction

{Day 2} - A Fresh Start

{Day 3} -  Baskets, etc.

{Day 4} - Preserve

{Day 5} -Warm It Up

{Day 9} -  Make a Boot Tray

{Day 11} -  Sow Seeds

{Day 14} - Get Your Halloween On

{Day 15} -  Plan for Christmas

{Day 16} - Preserve Leaves

{Day 17} -  Decorate Yourself

{Day 18} - Planting Bulbs

{Day 19} -  Do You Faux Fur?

{Day 21} -  To Make a Spy

{Day 22} - Leaf Jumpin'

{Day 23} -  Fall Favorites

{Day 24} - Quality Time

{Day 29} -  I'm Stumped

{Day 31} - You are Here!

Okay. Now if you don't mind, I'm taking a nap tomorrow. See you in a couple days and Happy Halloween!


  1. Thanks for 31 days of inspiration, Anna! I'm totally impressed with your great mix of 31 ideas you shared!

    btw, none of your pictures are showing up here or the light post - so curious to see how she looks!

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