Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Nesting {Day 24} - Quality Time

Since we're focusing on home and hearth, all things warm-n-fuzzy, and family right now I thought I would touch on quality time - now is a perfect time to start a new tradition or do some fun things with your family if you often find yourself running in 14 different directions at top speed (and I'm sure most of us can relate to that).

Consider me an imaginary big yellow stop light: slow down!

Kids need more free play time, couples need more time to connect with one another, and all of us need a big time out.

For my ladies:
  • Treat yourself to a pedicure or manicure (look for a nearby beauty school if you want a deal!)
  • Get up a little before your family and enjoy your morning coffee (or water) in blissful silence
  • Start a Sunday 'Spa Day' tradition - give yourself a pedicure and apply a facial mask, relax in the tub with a good book... recharge for the coming week!

For couples:
  • Date night, anyone? Even once a month is better than nothing!
  • Meet for lunch during the week if your kids are in school, or go on a picnic
  • Take walks together
  • Put the kids to bed, make a list together and tackle any household chores as a team.

 For families: 
  • Start a family movie night, or family game night once a week
  • Weekend trips to the library
  • Crafts (if I, the queen of crafty fails can do this, so can you!)
  • Family slumber parties: if it's too cold to backyard camp, have a living room slumber party. Your joints will only hate you for one night, your kids will remember your coolness forever.
  • Try a no-technology day each week - no TV, no video games, no cell phones, no microwaves?? (some things get a free pass, like refrigerators. Unless you're learning to salt cure meat as a family, and then please pass the mead, ye cool medieval one. )
  • Read together! When I was young my dad would read "Little House in the Big Woods" to me every fall and I loved it.
I just spent my afternoon crafting it up with my youngest, which is a pretty large accomplishment considering how bad I am at kid crafts. I saw an easy looking art project on Pinterest and decided to try something similar with my son.

All in all, a success! Take that, crafty gods. (said with the utmost respect, please don't make me ruin another ironing board cover this month?)

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  1. Love crafting with my kids...although, geez, it took a while for me to let go of the visions of final products I have in my head compared to the artistic chaos they love to produce.

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