Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Nesting {Day 19} - Do You Faux Fur?

How do we feel about (faux) fur?

I have never considered myself a fur sort of gal, really; when it comes to my house fur has never crossed my mind, and as for my person? Well, I don't even like how puffy vests look on me - so I doubt bulky and/or shaggy items of clothing would be on my "must have" clothing short list.

But recently, I don't know... faux fur accessories have been calling to me. So warm, so soft, so perfect for this season. Good fur, like this:

I'm definitely not talking about things like this:

Although I could totally work that last one, I'm suuuure.

Anybody else itching to try out the fur trend this fall? Does it not look so cozy and warm? Let's just try to use it for good and not evil. The world already has enough stock photos of pregnant ladies draped in fur, and high fashion head muffs are laughable at best.

 (unless you own one and then they're super hot. Haaaawt.)

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  1. bahahaha please find and wear that! kthx =)

  2. I do love a good faux fur pillow (and that first room you pictured is GORGEOUS), but I picture it getting matted up with stuff my kids spill on it. My little dog also has some jealousy issues, so maybe I'll try it after she passes...


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