Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm back, y'all

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

We had a great time with Mike's family in Sacramento. The memorial service for his grandma was really nice and the rest of the weekend was packed with activities. We got home this afternoon and I'm still recovering. These last three weeks of traveling have absolutely worn me out, and now that we're back I'm pretty sure Mike will have to hire movers to get me out our front door if he has any other big plans for the rest of the summer.

Long story short, I'm back. Woot.

I can't wait to buy some spray paint, dig some holes and settle back into the routine of mayhem and mischief at my house. First up though, I need to start tackling Aidan's birthday party plans. I loved the advice and tips I got on my party plea post in June, even though now I'm a little worried that I might make an attempt at marshmallow fondant. We'll see!

I mailed the invitations before we left for California, so there's no turning back now. The countdown has begun and it is on the uncomfortably short side. Eep.

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