Friday, August 5, 2011

Have a Seat...

I'm sort of a big deal around these parts right now.

I finished sorting through some of our back deck's many issues, and now people can sit on it!

It looks like a zebra, but at least you can sit on this zebra. And because of the legs I added, it won't even break when you do sit on it -- we are definitely movin' on up in the world of decks.

Just don't look closely, okay? Really, don't do it. Let's just focus on the positive. I'm building a fondation of awesomeness (isn't that what I said earlier? Let's go with that).

Did I mention you can sit on it now? Without being strangled or poked by a plant?

Look how happy that orange man looks... that has to count for something.

I need to sand it all down and stain it but I'm right now I'm busy pretending that I don't have to do that, so I'll get back to you on that one in the next few weeks.

Instead, today I'm running to JoAnn because all outdoor fabric is 60% off and I might try to make a few pillows to distract from the zebracity of it all. Which means I might be forced to sew. Which means I may or may not need a spotter.

I also need to clean this up:

(making messes is so much better than cleaning messes.)

And I also need to hurry up and do this:

I was busy all week and the cherries are officially in the "pick me now or lose me forever" stage, which only took until the beginning of August, because this spring alternated between frozen tundra and monsoony swampland and now we, the poor townspeople of this region, are dealing with late cherries and squatty tomatoes.

Okay, the squatty tomatoes are probably my fault.


  1. Great job!! I don't mind the whole zebra effect, because you're right! At least it's sitable! I think it'd be adorable with some bright floral cushions to sit on for sure. I'd much rather go for that project than sanding and refinishing, too.

    Much Love,

  2. patio looks great! awesome job with your deck and yes the orange man does look mighty happy. xo, Diane

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm just happy to be making progress :)

  4. My tomatoes are funky looking this year, too. So it must not be us and rather the weather.


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